Deadstick Bush Flightsimulator...


I’m pretty interested in this. Could be a whole lotta fun.


VR confirmed for Deadstick :vr: :partying_face: :flight_departure:


“Starting out, new players will have their chart featuring all airfields across the island. For traditional pilots these pieces of tarmac alone would be enough, however for our intrepid bush pilots there are a number of prime off-airport landing locations all around the map which can be discovered and to which players can then deliver more cargo and make more money.”

That sounds great!


Deadstick sounds like a game that will have me going pacifist at last lol.


A sim like Deadstick begs for VR. Happy to hear the devs agree.
The storyline and business mode sounds cool. I hope they pull it off.
I’ll be buying!


Me too, have been wondering about this one


do you think DRACO will be included !? :slight_smile:
( great video btw )


He states in the interview i linked upthread he does not want to get into the minefield of officially licensed planes.


fuly understand… btw my favorite car in GTA1 was Porka Turbo :smile:


It was the cossie! That was the car! Lol


Mine too!


Great video! Best quote: “It’s NOT a short runway.” (Dude is talking about a 250’ mesa situated in a canyon of hight rocks—at 5000’ on a 100 degree day). What a life!


This has popped up on Steam now and marked as available soon.

Really hope this is a success, apparently management and even Aircraft maintenance sim too, all that with my love of simulated bush flying and good mission adventures gives me hope this be a real hit with flight sim fans.

The included vid here looks tantalizingly good, the Milky way and night sky in background … hopefully not to long now.

Will support this for sure.



Insta-buy for me for sure!


Yep…me too…


Me too I’m really looking forward to this one


Thought some here might be interested: