Departing San Diego...


Within the city, it’s insane. Especially if you want to be close to anything. Your house would go well into the seven figures in most areas, not even including the land it’s sitting on.

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We moved to North SD County almost 3 years ago, and I love it. I have a long commute, but I feel like we live in paradise. And we love heading down to the city and Coronado Island.

Fortunately for us, we were coming from the Bay Area and housing was actually cheaper here…

I have ORBX KSAN, but if I ever get into XP11, I’ll check this out.

And if anyone of you professional flyers ever come into KCRQ, let me know.



Here are some screens for you guys. Of course the ortho photo overlays look better from altitude. I have a friend who has a house in a neighborhood on the NW side of the park, so I’ve run there a few times as well. Well, more like waddled.



CRQ is a fairly frequent destination for me, so I’ll have to give you a holler next time I’m there for a few days. :beers:



Let’s see… I’m guessing that’s the 163 as the main road in the first two shots, and the round building there in Balboa Park is the Air and Space Museum (they’ve got a Convair Sea Dart out front!). Which means that the athletic field and track in the background there is probably San Diego High School. Third shot is looking across Florida Street and the Balboa Naval Hospital?

Also, I think you landed in the dog park. Just saying. :wink: Anyway, great shots, and thanks now for making me homesick.

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It’s still all elbows and a-holes in the Osprey pit for me LOL. Damn thing wants a push for powah.






I lived there for five years. In fact I lived in a “gated community” with great security, swimming pool, awesome gym, golf course and a nice Friday happy hour at the club…OK, I lived on MCAS Miramar…but I didn’t pay a cent in rent. :sunglasses:



Yep…if you look closely you can see one of Fido’s legs sticking out from under a main mount…but hey…as we used to say in VF-32, “A kill is a kill”. :sunglasses:

You can set the ORBX scenery to land on various rooftop helipads, including Naval Medical Center Balboa’s helipad. It is very realistic! You land but no Corpsmen show up to get your patient. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So is this “Ortho” scenery that I see mentioned everywhere free?

If so, it makes switching from P3D to XP11 much more enticing…



Yes. You can make your own…or you can go the lazy way and just download some that have been pre-made. Warning though - they are very large downloads (a few GB each)…but they look awesome when blended with the autogen.

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Yes - here is a good thread to start with - The forum search engine here is one of the best around and a quick hit of Ortho in it will spit up all sorts of useful threads…

Edit: Sniped by the owner!

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More a zookeeper…but whatever… :rofl:



Is it me or did the “Like” button used to be a heart…and now its a jet? Or did I slip into an alternate universe…again?



For Hornetry purposes.



It’s the “again” part that really got my heart thumping!

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OK…Yes, Today is the Day! Much excitement. The silhouette looks more like an Alpha or Hawk T1 / T-45 Goshawk to me…but I’ll buy off on Hornetry. :sunglasses:

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The ORBX Southern California scenery includes them in a partially enhanced style…I would’t expect accuracy and NASNI is not well portrayed. A few years back MegaEarth (I think) did a pretty good San Diego area…again, I couldn’t swear to the accuracy of the non-KSAN airports.

I worked with Haze Gray Studios on their Fleet Traffic: US Navy package (pay ware). The carrier part of NASNI and 32nd st Naval Base in ORBX were given us conceptions. I’ve been away from the project for a while but there were plans to fix at least NASNI.

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I would love to support their products, but every time I attempt to do anything in FSX I find myself immediately filled with an unspeakable rage that only ends when I close the program. And I can ysually only do that via Task Manager.



They have a P3D V3 and V45 version. (I know because I coded the installer).

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