DiRT Rally 2.0 Club - gauging interest

This is aimed at those that have only DiRT Rally 2.0, but didn’t buy EA’s WRC. Would you be interested in starting a new Mudspike DR league/club? I don’t want to steal any thunder from Mudcat’s original league, but it appears he is no longer active here at Mudspike (last activity late 2020?). Any thoughts on what type of rallying you’d want to do? Modern WRC, historic, a mix… don’t care. Comment below.

If you are contemplating of getting DR 2.0, NOW is the best time to get it. As of this post, DR2.0 is on Steam: $4.99 USD and $9.99 USD for the Game of the Year Edition. The GOTY includes EVERYTHING- literally every piece of DLC, valued at over $100. It should go without saying to get the GOTY edition if you do buy DR 2.0.

*** For those that have EA’s WRC (and DR 2.0), I still plan to operate the Mudspike WRC club into 2024 as long as there is interest/attendance. And we can certainly operate a separate DR2.0 club side by side.


I am ready!

I mean I have to install it first but the question is, am I ok with just the game or better to try to return it and buy the goty ed.?

If you haven’t installed it, I would highly recommend requesting a refund with Steam and getting the GOTY edition for only $5 USD more to get all content.


I’m in, it’ll scratch my itch instead of buying WRC.


I will get the goty edition as well


I have Dirt Rally 2.0 so would be interested in this. I’m in the UK, if that matters. Waiting on my CSL Elite Pedals V2 I purchased during Black Friday.


Count me in. Recording a stage time via racenet is doable, MP for something like a rallycross race is an unfortunate no.

Not fussy otherwise with cars, stages, etc…

But just for ‘kicks’ and giggles, if everyone else has the DLC then ‘retro’ would be good :wink:


lets see, hope they wont refund it only after the sales :smile:

I am definitely interested! But seeing as I was also interested in the last 3(!) Christmas Flights that I only barely started, don’t depend too heavily on me. Will buy it now though


I checked what I have already, which looks like most of what is in the GOTY pack. I added Finland, Lydden Hill and the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. I’ll be open to any era but have mostly been driving the Mini Cooper S and Audi Quattro.


Preliminary interest:
Freak (maybe?)

Anyone else? Bueller?

With the Christmas and New Year’s holidays coming up and some folks either new to DR2 or dusting it off, I would lean toward setting up a fun run rally next week with 3 or 4 stages and a 1 to 2 week time window to complete. Then after the New Year, look at a more consistent schedule.

Thoughts on cars and rally locations? Modern or historic rally 4WD to start off with?


I am a 90s child-
Understand Captain America GIF

EDIT: Jokes aside- I think I have it… got it for free with some bundle or subscription gift… might as well install it and give it a spin.

I think I’d like to play with my Logitech Momo wheel… even if it’s much more cumbersome and less efficient than a joypad…


When we ran the last DR2 events, it was too much for my ancient Momo which finally gave up the ghost after years of sterling service. :joy:


Remove that question mark next to my name pls sir. I’m definitely in.


Haven’t bought it yet, but i will. Definitely in!

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Ah ffs missed the sale.

can report that refund went well, GOTY on board

my thoughts would be historic first then modern? but I dont know much about rally really :grin:

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Good plan @Chaz , I just downloaded the game and will try it out tomorrow. The 1999-2004 period has a special place in my heart, with first the Peugeot 206 and then the (IMHO) best looking Subarus ever. Although I don’t mind the Group B Peugeot 205 MR monster (it will kill me though) or the more modern cars that look like Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta.

Next 2 weeks should be good for me, but in the new year I should be increasingly busy with home improvement projects so not sure about that.


Correct. But there were some AWESOME other cars as well.

Evo 6
Hyundai accent


I was wrong, I have the other DIRT 2, the arcade one…