DiRT Rally 2.0


Can’t wait for this, hope we get VR for everyone, not just the Rift this time around, but somehow I’d bet on no one getting it :frowning:

Steam page now live

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I’d heard the first one was quite possibly the best rally game since Colin McRae in 2005.


yep, still play it on both pc and xbox too this day… looking forward to this follow up. The dirt series, 1, 2, 3 etc etc have become to arcade, while dirt rally was a fresh start in the series. imo


Looking forward to it as well, so too early to put out feelers for a Mudspike Rally League?

*just checked and if you want to try out the first one and haven’t yet it’s on sale till the 28th for $9.99


I’m happy to see a DR2.0. Hopefully it truly is a successor to DR and not a watered down hybrid.

Before worrying about DR2 leagues, we should try a DR1 league to see if it takes off. A lot of people have it here.


FWIW, the PC2 rallycross physics modeling is really good, IMO.

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I liked DR but was disappointed in the (lack of) MP that it had.

Dirt 2 and 3 (original GFW version) had robust MP with AI filling out the field. Dirt 3 Steam edition ripped out the AI so it was a bit barren with just human players but still worked.
DR decided D3SE was too much and cut it back further, and D4 from what I’ve heard (since I didn’t bother to get it) had equally crappy MP w/o AI to make it feel like you were in a real race.

I have rarely put any time into DR, as nice as it is, because when I race 90% of the time it’s MP with friends w/AI filling out the field. So CM’s F1 games and PCars are where I dwell.

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I wasn’t really considering Rallycross, but regular Rally since it has the massive benefit of not actually needing to try and get a large enough group together at one time for a race and can be done at anyone’s leisure.

JM, have y’all done any PC2 rally MP? I need to do some catch up reading.

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I did run a number of MP events in Dirt Rally, some months back. IMO it was a bit of a mixed bag.

When the events allowed infinite retries, the top drivers times were unbeatable. This format encouraged daredevil type runs, though. So hitting the perfect bounce on key parts of the track, jumping into space at exactly the right spot, aiming for the one lucky landing or bounce to survive.

Setting top times in this format meant (at least for me) going to YouTube, learning where the big time saving cuts, jumps, and lucky bounces are on the track. Then making as many retries as it takes to get as lucky as possible on as many of them as possible. Over and over again. I did not enjoy this format.

When the events were limited or no retries, the times were far more approachable, for me. I had to drive more conservatively, with no daredevil/death-wish style moves. Keeping the car in good repair was an important consideration. But for me, the driving and racing experience was far better.

Unfortunately, fewer drivers participated in this format. And some who did, often would seem to quit posting times for later stages, after a mistake or two set them back in the field.

I actually had a better time in Dirt Rally running stages against the AI in Career mode.


Never really Rally MP’ed myself, but I did host a Rally Cross event, covering all 3 tracks that came with Dirt Rally a couple of times, got a full field of 6, was some of the best multiplayer racing I ever did. Never really followed Rally Cross till then, now I watch the real events and love to play the mode in games.

From what I read Rally Cross is suppose to be more supported in DR2, including an official license from Rally Cross.


What @adlabs6 said. For me the best events are run like the real deal, not rally quake. Taking care of the car, and when you have an off, nursing it home for a repair. Much more immersive. It’s funny watching the really quick drivers coming to grief late in the race, Jari-Matti Latvala style :smile:

I would think that rallycross would draw a good crowd though.

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Won’t get any complaint out of me here. I remember the just reset it till you get a perfect run business, didn’t enjoy that, wish i even thought of watching them over and over on YouTube. My dumb self would just pick a day where i had 1-2 hours of free time and just do it with no prep. Usually early in the week instead of waiting till the last second.

I’ll gladly set one up like that if people want, that’s what I was hoping for anyway. Way more fun that way imo. I’ll leave Rally Cross to someone else though, far too much tinkering with those car set ups to get something driveable on those for my liking.

Probably not going to say this right, but some people are so childish that if they don’t post the top time they hate the event like a sore looser. They completely miss a big part of rally, its similar to taking a road trip and putting blinders (or worse starring at their phone!) till they get to the destination, they don’t understand that its a struggle to make it to the end IRL, there are rarely perfect runs!

I’ve never been to a WRC event (I live in the USA), but I have been to many local rallys, you will see bumper stickers on cars saying “Never give up”, “Press on regardless”, and so on. Part of the challenge is making it thru the gauntlet (or stage).

Personally I am not the best driver and I am not an extremely competitive person, but I do like the challenge. I feel a great accomplishment when I get near the top on some of the stages, and also that my car doesn’t look like a potato at the finish :slight_smile:


So much this…

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I haven’t played a lot of DR lately as I have little kids so I often need a game that doesn’t require the concentration to make split-second decisions.
But I might fire it up again if one of you suggests a track, and see if I can post the (laughable long) time I needed to finish it. :smiley:

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“Speaking to USgamer today at a Dirt Rally 2.0 preview event in London, Codemasters community manager Christina McGrath confirmed that VR support isn’t planned for the sequel as of right now. “We’re focusing on making the core game experience before launch - and after that, if there is demand from our community, then we’ll explore the possibility,” McGrath said.”

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I hope they listen better than they did to Vive users asking for the last one to be compatible with their head set

While I am not as up on VR as many of you are (or I should be) - It makes NO sense for them to not include VR. Like it boggles the mind that they are in the midst of the development process but choosing to not include it.

Every driving game released from this point forward should have VR as a core feature. Its the killer VR app subject, even more so than flight sims. The experience of being in a driver seat is one that almost everyone can relate to. The ability to drive said car faster than you have ever done before, in a car that you will never have access to, to a place you may have never been, is literally the shape and form of the promise of VR.

Then they are planning to fail.

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I agree. Dirty Rally is one of THE showcase VR titles. It has pushed VR forward. I’m just floored they didn’t embrace it in parallel (maybe they will…)