DiRT Rally 2.0


Here is why DR had VR in the first place, Oculus paid for the conversion I can’t give you a source because it was an email to CM. Thats why there wasn’t a Vive port or anything else. At the time Oculus was giving a lot of incentives to push VR and get games in it.

I love VR and haven’t really played that many Racing games in VR (I have a triple monitor RacePit) but I cannot play any flight sim without it. So while I think it SHOULD be there, I don’t think its a deal breaker, not yet.

Just my two cents


+1 for Mudspike DR(1) rally events.

It’s a big shame that DR sits in my library and does not have collect more play time. MP Rally Cross is really great fun. The tracks are easy to learn and I didn’t even start to look into setups.

As for the WRC events, I have to admit that I only tried them 2 or 3 times in single player. I just can’t motivate to compete against the AI or anonymous rally aliens in a ranking list.


The issue I see with the current trend that “everything needs VR” is that it’s currently a niche product. Good VR gear is expensive. Remember we’re on a forum where folks have $500 rudder pedals and $700 sequential shifters (well maybe not the later on this forum), for their gaming. This is not the average person on the market. As a producer, if I can have VR with minimal cost and time overhead for the project, then sure why not. However if it represents issues in either of those categories, or messes with the normal monitor/TV mode of game play, it’s a no go. The VAST majority of the user base for most games is going to be playing on
“basic” equipment, it’s just the reality of it. Now if we go with a market that is INCREDIBLY console driven (just like hifi flight sims are basically a PC only product), until every Xbox and PS ships with a VR headset, it’s a nice to have but not necessary feature. Remember we are the far end of the bell curve.

Also totally down for DR either rally or rallycross!


Update from the DR team, but not sure if this is just marketing speak.


It’s definitely PR speak, the question is just how much difference these supposed changes will make. I guess we’ll know in just over 2 months.


Now that the embargo is up I can say, man, this is fantastic. That’s the good news, the bad news is that I have to learn all new tracks and I’m terrible all over again :smiley: Just been hitting the rally cars, no opinions yet on the rally cross.


Does it have any kind of club modes or group capabilities? Still thinking about something similar to our Golf Club… :smiley:


Well racenet is there so essentially yes, i haven’t looked at the current functionality of leagues because having access ahead of time is great for some things, except for nearly all things multiplayer. Plus i only have had early access to the ps4 version, so i have to wait for the PC version.

If people are interested i was planning on streaming it later tonight and can throw the YouTube link in here once i go live, it should be the same archive link as well i hope


So it’s out now for anyone that ordered the deluxe edition, is anyone interested in a league like the golf one or no? Just some food for though, was considering no restarts, 2.0 requires a heck of a lot more finesse and you can’t just hammer down the gas all the way and expect to make it through unscathed like the last one.

In other words, I would expect there would be some different results throughout if that’s a concern.

I’ve had my hands on a version of it for a week or so now, so if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to answer. Either way, I guess what I might do is just make a mudspike league regardless and find out interest that way.


Thanks Mudcat. Is this the PS4 or PC version?


Was planning on doing one for the PC, not sure but you might be able mix now, will have to look


Yeah, PC would probably be best. Just checked Steam and it’s reportedly due in the store 2/25. Probably with a few bugs, no doubt. But I’m really curious to see how it compares to Dirt Rally and PC2.

Never mind. Scrolled down a bit and found the deluxe version. Mucho dinero.


I’m about to load up the PC version now, and yeah the deluxe is mucho dinero, but from what i saw of the content plans it looks like track wise they are adding remastered versions of the original tracks. I can’t speak for racenet, but the I didn’t notice any real bugs, or anything that stood out at least.

First rally I can was Australia, figuring it was like the old one and it was a dirt track I put the peddle down… I washed out in loose dirt a lot and got sucked into ruts that formed from earlier cars. I think most people will be pretty pleased with it, oh it even actually has tire wear lol, didn’t even occur to me that wasn’t in the first one till i saw it in the new one.


I’d be interested to hear about the rallycross. I’m a big fan of real world WRX, so I like that kind of racing. I heard in a youtube review that the AI is really weak, which is a disappointment.


So, not much commentary, but I can tell from watching this pro rally driver (purported), that the physics are pretty good. It was interesting to watch his shift points in the modern vs. classic cars.

@saghen, WRX has really grown on me and looking forward to trying this out as well. I don’t think that the AI are very good, but the WRX cars in PC2 feel pretty good IMHO.


well, silly me, doesn’t look like you can set up leagues like before. There is a multiplayer lobby, so… not sure what the deal is tbh. More like the regular DiRT games this way I guess? forgot to look at that before. it’s the pvp rally stuff

The Rallycross cars really aren’t my thing. I went into the first game being a bigger fan of rallycross in real life, but what I wasn’t a fan of is how much tuning those things needed to be competitive. Tried here without tuning to see, since you can actually be competitive without tuning in rally and yeah, just got my doors blown off, they were gone after the 2nd turn and i never saw them again.

One day i’ll take more time to get that done, but I didn’t have oodles of time to play with set-ups before. So looks like the league idea may be out… If someone else wants to put together something for rallycross that’s fine, but I don’t want to try and wrangle 8 people together at the same time every week, it’s a lot more of a pain to coordinate than giving people a week to finish a course when they have the time.


I really enjoyed the first one but had the same problem as you. Could more then hold my own in the hill climbs and rally stages but just felt like an abject failure in the rallycross.

Ill Definitely pick D2 up but not quite yet. I honestly had more fun with RIDE2 as I’m slightly motorbike crazy but I really enjoyed the hill climbs


With regards to RX tuning, I’d really be in favor of fixed setups or limited setups, like tire choice, especially in a group like ours, which is focused on flight sims.


Did they change their mind and make DR2 VR compatible?


I read on Steam that they are working on it for a future update. Would like to see the official statement though.