DiRT Rally 2.0


Here is why DR had VR in the first place, Oculus paid for the conversion I can’t give you a source because it was an email to CM. Thats why there wasn’t a Vive port or anything else. At the time Oculus was giving a lot of incentives to push VR and get games in it.

I love VR and haven’t really played that many Racing games in VR (I have a triple monitor RacePit) but I cannot play any flight sim without it. So while I think it SHOULD be there, I don’t think its a deal breaker, not yet.

Just my two cents


+1 for Mudspike DR(1) rally events.

It’s a big shame that DR sits in my library and does not have collect more play time. MP Rally Cross is really great fun. The tracks are easy to learn and I didn’t even start to look into setups.

As for the WRC events, I have to admit that I only tried them 2 or 3 times in single player. I just can’t motivate to compete against the AI or anonymous rally aliens in a ranking list.


The issue I see with the current trend that “everything needs VR” is that it’s currently a niche product. Good VR gear is expensive. Remember we’re on a forum where folks have $500 rudder pedals and $700 sequential shifters (well maybe not the later on this forum), for their gaming. This is not the average person on the market. As a producer, if I can have VR with minimal cost and time overhead for the project, then sure why not. However if it represents issues in either of those categories, or messes with the normal monitor/TV mode of game play, it’s a no go. The VAST majority of the user base for most games is going to be playing on
“basic” equipment, it’s just the reality of it. Now if we go with a market that is INCREDIBLY console driven (just like hifi flight sims are basically a PC only product), until every Xbox and PS ships with a VR headset, it’s a nice to have but not necessary feature. Remember we are the far end of the bell curve.

Also totally down for DR either rally or rallycross!


Update from the DR team, but not sure if this is just marketing speak.


It’s definitely PR speak, the question is just how much difference these supposed changes will make. I guess we’ll know in just over 2 months.