DiRT Rally 2.0


I particularly enjoyed the part in their original announcement that “we heard you”, but I guess they could only hear oculus users apparently

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So, seems leagues will be coming later. That’s fine I suppose since it gives people time to learn the tracks a bit better and/or get the game. Heard a particularly good suggestion, have the track degrade by day so those who want to wait till the last hour so they can see everyone else’s times first have to drive in the worst conditions :joy:

agree, but would need someone else to grab a lead on WRX stuff, I can’t commit to doing any game related activity at a specific time or date, it’s always a “when I have time” affair


Greenmangaming has 20% off deluxe edition. 25% off for VIP members.

I’m tempted, but I have so many games to play as it is.

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Well, to be fair, the regular game is $60us. Then $20 for deluxe part, which is actually the season pass which includes tracks and cars.

Bf 5 offered BS cosmetics.


Check out SimRacingGirl tearing up DR2 with the Fanatec DD2. That Vesaro rig with the actuators looks ultra immersive.


She can really drive as well! I’m very impressed. So fast!


Excellent drive indeed, One thing I noticed, if you pause the video at 4:09 you can take a good look at what happens to the track with the buildup of loose dirt on the outside of the corner and giant ruts. That motion thing is cool, but the one I saw was just the motor and that was $2k, bit much for the amount of time I have to drive, definitely cool though.


Did anyone pick this up? How’s the force feedback? I heard it was jacked. Not much difference between dirt and tarmac. Things like that

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So here’s something weird about the ffb, the PC version it’s initially pretty lite. But the same wheel on the ps4 was heavy as hell. Like physically tired after an hour heavy. As for dirt and tarmac feeling the same? It’s sorta hard to say because of track conditions. Guess the only way to really tell is to run both with that off on perfect conditions. The only thing I noticed is it’s a lot easier to degrade the tires on tarmac and well bald tires an tarmac ain’t exactly grippy.

Tarmac is much better in the first I personally have a hard time saying they are definitively the same just because there are so many more variables involved this time around. My only complaint that spans both editions and all conditions is that it is a lot hard to tell where the weight is or which wheel(s) are loaded.


Game is on sale for 25% off till the 12th if you were waiting

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