DIY Adjustable rudder pedal mount.

Since I have opted to keep the BRD F2 pedals and sell my Slaw Vipers (which wasn’t an easy choice, I can assure you) I thought I’d make a mount for the pedals, and make it adjustable.
I got some T tracks on ebay, and some nifty setscrews. Now I can slide the pedals about 15 cm so people with even shorter legs than I have, can try my SimBox :slight_smile:


That’s really nice. I have trouble not burning toast in the morning, so I’m not a hardware guy - but you do make it look really good. :slight_smile:

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Very elegant solution Troll.

I personally just use scrap hardwood flooring planks as a “pedal stop” … just add as many as necessary. This only works if you’ve got a wall or something to mount them against of course …


That groove is perfect for receiving and redirecting a cord if you have one jutting right out of the base.

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Holy cow man, the last pic is a disaster! You miss drilled a whole, its not even covered, its just lying there splintered and naked! Is your OCD switch shorted out, or are the meds finally working? :slight_smile: lol

As with all of you work, very clean and thought out. I have got lots of inspiration from your work.


No such luck, I’m afraid…
The hole is from the previous installation, and as such not an error. That’s why I can live with it.
But make no mistake… It will be fixed! :crazy_face:

Very nice work @Troll ! Now, for the “pièce de résistance” you need to add a little crank handle to adjust the pedals back and forth along the tracks :wink: .


I like that idea… I’ll start mulling over it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When the f-111 is released, i’m gonna kidnap @Troll


When that happens I will go freely. I work for spareribs and beer.


You’ll have them aplenty sir !!!

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Ok folks…
I liked @PaulRix comment about a crank handle. It got me thinking. In addition to his idea, I had to find a way to secure the slide better since friction alone wasn’t enough to hold them secure during a dogfight. The repeated left/right/left/right motion created a sort of seesaw effect that allowed the pedals to slide backwards.

So I came up with this ratchet like contraption.
A screw on the underside of the pedal slide engages the slots. A spring secures it in position.

Seems to work just fine!


That is simply awesome @Troll ! Very nice work!

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Here’s the OCD fix.
Pimped the SimBox with a rubber carpet and some USB LED light strips on the sidewalls. :slight_smile:


You dont know how many hours I thought about that! Joking aside, your pit really looks good, and is inspiring to build my own, no need to fold mine away since it will bein my mancave, right next to my race pit! :wink:

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Rub it in, why don’t ya… :wink:
I’m trying to get the missus to want to move to a bigger house. Right now I can’t figure out if that will be faster than waiting 10-12 years until our daughter moves out. :smile:

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LOL, wasn’t really trying to do that. What about for adoption? :slight_smile:

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