DIY Rudder pedals..?


Here’s a link to my Radar handle build, where I adress the resistor issue. Although I have never had this problem with just one TLE sensor, only when more than one is used.


You are using a neodymium/rare earth magnet, right?


i believe so, at least thats what the description on ebay stated…


Any progress?


having replaced the bearing at the pivot plate and replacing it with a sheet of pactene (nylon) sheet as a large shim to remove all possible pivot/spiral backlash, Im still unable to get theTLE5010 to behave in any manner resembling a linear output that I can use for the rudder controls

I think Im going to have to abandon it and use a diffferent sensor and 2 magnets in a ‘standard’ rotating style architecture


And you are certain you have diametrical magnets?
They stack like this.


Not like this



ah, mine are obviously not then… (see pic2- NOT)


Try turning the magnet 90° so it rotates with the round side towards the sensor.
See if it register correctly then.


hope you fix it soon @gadget
Unfortunately ( uhm… or fortunately !? ) I have no hints for you as electronics dont like me ( and vice versa :slight_smile: ) . Thats why I use electronics directly from second hand joystick.