If it’s for 2D then has anyone tried the new DLDSR with DCS?

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I just tried DLDSR in DCS and it looks pretty good. It bumped my resolution up from 3840x2160 to 5461x2880 (1.78x DL). You have to change it to that resolution in game after setting the DLDSR in NVCP global settings. Image was crisp and clear and I didn’t notice any big performance hit. I’ll have to do some testing with this one but looks good so far.


Screenshot is one thing, a link to the thing would be another thing :smiley:

We might need a separate thread for DLDSR. I don’t know how this magic works but I bumped it up to 6144x3240 (2.25x) and there is really no performance loss for me. It makes the image super crispy and objects far in the distance look nice and sharp. It’s very noticeable.

I’m pretty much in pancake mode heaven right now between DLDSR and ReShade :rofl:


Done! Thanks for trying it and reporting back; will give it a go.

I also tried it, briefly, and found the image too crisp and cartoony if that makes sense and turned it off.
I’ll experiment more over the weekend.

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I had a chance to do more testing with this over the weekend and unfortunately DLDSR does nothing good for me. I wasn’t enabling it properly before. Two things I learned are that it only appears to upscale from your display’s native resolution. Also you have to set your desktop resolution to the DSR enabled resolution for it to work, which is annoying. I was hopeful that I could set my desktop resolution down to 1080p, then use DLDSR to upscale to 4K and get better performance.

My native res is 3840x2160 so I tried DLDSR at 1.78x DL (5461x2880). Performance was horrendous and image quality improved very little. Bumping up to MSAAx4 in game gives better image quality and performance so this is just another worthless gimmick from NVIDIA to me.

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