Does anyone play Squad?

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  • Squad?

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Tried it during free weekend. Didn’t like it unfortunately.

Bad time to try it too. I was really turned off by it during that time. Just because there was such an influx of people who didn’t know how to play the game. Very much a fun thing when people communicates and work together as a team

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I haven’t but I want to atleast try it lol

lovely game for the serious gamer … for those who want to know how its like then i would say think of a combination of Arma 3 and Battlefield

I’m a big fan of Squad as well. I usually participate in the Wednesday and Saturday night (9pm EST) operations at Squad Ops …

Squad Ops hosts customized, organized and realistic (one life) missions with around 70 players. They also host earlier Ops on those days for the UK/Europe.

GREAT Squad community!

sounds good one life missions like u really depend on it … i like it :slight_smile:

Its on my Steam wishlist I think, looks like a fun game, but one you really want a good group to play with I think.

depends. You can generally get some pretty good pick-up groups in Squad. There’s a good VOIP system, allowing squad members to talk among themselves, and squad leaders among themselves as well. Only squads have acces to special personal and weapons like a medic, a squad automatic weapon, grenade- and rocketlaunchers, sniper rifles and the like.

Ofcourse there’s always people refusing to lead or follow, people only in it to get the sniper rifle or people who accidently booted up squad instead of minecraft (you can build some fortifications in squad, but some people go completely overboard with that)

Me and @Sargoth had a nice go at it now we had some good fun while he was Squad leading and we ended up having a great bunch of guys with us who are real team players, while the other team has the same values of teamwork, really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Oh wow, Alpha 9 is released … big update! …

It would be great to get a Mudspike Squad (up to 9 shooters) together to roam the public servers! I have a Squad server and could host some tutorial sessions.

was hosting yesterday 2 hours live stream … V9 ROCKS ! :sunglasses:

they fixed up performance aswell … its super smooth

You were hosting and you couldn’t hook us spikes up? I’m starting to think you don’t like us! :wink:

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lol … next time will do :slight_smile:

If you were curious about SQUAD, now’s your time to try it … the free weekend is going on April 7-9 and there’s a 50% off deal as well.

Tanker was asking about this last night during Insurgency so I’m thinking I’ll be floating around on Mudspike TS today and tomorrow at around 7:30pm EST if any new guys have questions. I could start up my Squad server on Jensen’s Range and we can tool around, go over game dynamics, do some CQB “killhouse” practice, squad up on a public server … whatever! Go download it now! :grin:


Its 7:15 here in Eastern standard @Linebacker - I am ready. Anyone else want to try it here is your invitation.

Just bought it in the last few hours of the sale, along with two of my buddies.

While I didn’t get to play during the free weekend, what sold me was this conversation:

“So how was it man?”
“It is literally Project Reality re-made in the Unreal Engine.”

Not quite literally … I remember a fearsome little MH-6 chopper in the Battlefield 2 iteration! That thing was quite difficult to fly but it got troops around REALLY fast.

Tankerwade, DeadMeat, Bonchie and I had some good battles going on on the Tactical Gamer server last night. It would be fun to make it a semi regular thing!

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Mortar! :grin:


Squad is quite cheap right now:

Is there still interest in this around these parts?