DOSBox Nostalgia Thread



In recent light of Heatblur announcement I “upgraded” my F-14 Fleet Defender installation to use Roland sound effects and music. I haven’t found any YT video of this game running on Roland sound card so here’s one from me.


I had one of those, briefly. I bought it, installed it, fired up a few games…and came to the conclusion it didn’t sound good enough for how much it cost when I was so poor at the time. I returned it. Wish it had been cheaper.


I never had one. At the time when the Roland was a standard for high-end midi in games I still had Amiga 500. When I finally bought the PC, General Midi took over. I had Aztech Sound Galaxy Waverider Pro 32 - 3D (what-a-name) with my first PC. It was Sound Blaster Pro clone with MPU-401 integrated. Funny thing is that initially I wasn’t aware that I had General Midi standard chip on my sound board (I was 14 and didn’t had much experience with PCs at the time) and I basically used OPL for midi, so when I finally heard general midi music (I think it was in Doom 1/2) when I played with the configuration in game setup program I was blown away.


F-14 Fleet Defender is on sale now.


Uhm… Nice!
But usually for these old games I prefer the flexibility of GOG.COM releases.


Sadly F-14 Fleet Defender is not available on


This is true retrogaming!


Oh my, I may need that. Then again having a house cluttered with laptops and old towers with Dos, Win 3.1, Win XP, and Win7 with various service packs does eliminate the need for additional heating in the winter.


After over 2 years I finally completed all the campaigns in the old Fighters Series from EA:

USNF - Ukraine

MF - Kuril Islands

USNF’97/FA - Vietnam

ATF - Egypt and Russia

NATO Fighters - Baltics

I have to say I was having really good time with those old flight sim games. So much playabilty. Where’s Brent Iverson and Paul Grace with a Kickstarter for remaking those classics?


I will always thank Brent Iverson for Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat.


… and LHX Attack Chopper :helicopter:




LHX…that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time. :grin:


Wow LHX! many memories of that!


Anyone remember Su-25? It was made using the LHX engine, looked just like it.


No don’t remember that at all dude. What platform was it on? I had a copy of LHX that O swapped with a friend from school for space harrier 2. Best decision ever lol



I liked that- a bit more clunky than Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat but still interesting!


Some trivia regarding Sturmovik Su-25: Soviet Attack Fighter contributed by Paul Grace himself on

This game was an internal challenge at Electronic Arts. Could they do a fun game in 14 weeks (to show at CES)? Rick Tiberi, Scott Cronce, Connie Braat, Cynthia Hamilton and Paul Grace built the game in a headlong race to the finish line. They got it done, and in spite of tepid sales (not enough time to market it), it made a good profit.

Contributed by Paul Grace (9) on May 10, 2007.


Also my favourite title.:sunglasses: Just found out that the “F19” design is based on a model kit by Italeri, in turn based on nothing but rumours about the F117/A, pretty cool: