DOSBox Nostalgia Thread


The plane also figures prominently in Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising (back when Clancy still rocked)

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It is a pretty cool design. I even think my brother had that kit back in the day.


The F-19 was a lot better than the F-117 except they made it less stealthy…which ironically made it more entertaining to fly. Just looking at it now it violates many of the stealth no-no’s as well as having too many curves for the day.

The F-19 had AAMs, a gun, afterburners, and I think it even had countermeasures?

The description of what it could do in RSR actually reads a lot like the F-22.


The flying frisbee - what a cool plane it was. Loved Microprose F-19 Stealth Fighter. What I would give for a proper remake of that game.

In the meantime I started a new playthrough of Top Gun: Fire at Will by Spectrum Holobyte - yep, the same that made Falcon series, there is even Gilman Louie signature in the game’s manual, although he was probably ears deep making Falcon 4.0 at the time.

Here’s the intro and first mission:


Man that game was fun. Not exactly a simulation by today’s standards, but still great.

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Frisbees over Dreamland


Anyone remember when it all started for DCS World?

and here are some promo vids I found on the Flanker CD for upcoming Flanker 2.0

Those look like pre-rendered, but finally Flanker 2.0 looked pretty close to that.

Now compare that to DCS World 2.5, if you would show 20-years-ago-me the launch trailer for Heatblurs F-14 Tomcat and said it was real time rendered, my brain would melt.


I think I said it several times, I love your YT channel.


I was once absolutely convinced that this was as good as flightsims ever would be…



Ah, the F/A-18 Interceptor - it was the first flight sim I played on my Amiga 500, and basically the sole reason I fell in love with this genre.


I remember stuffing an unheard of (at that time) extra 512k of ram in my Amiga 500 to play an A10 SIM … now sitting here flying a ka50 in vr its just amazing


Ha ha, been there. I remember that after upgrading to full 1MB RAM you could hear actual music in the intro to F/A-18 Interceptor:


I honestly convinced myself this was going to be insuperable…

until this one…

which was graphically destroyed by this one…

but then this came out…

and I simply acknowledged I should just give up divination.


However, while fidelity increased, as a rule of thumb the fun began to decrease. I had a lot better time with the sims of the early-mid 90s than I did with the late 90s/early 00s.

When the focus changed to the modeling of tech and minutiae and not the feeling of flying, the feeling of being a pilot, the feeling of fighting in the sky, the…I don’t know…the soul was lost.


aye, but if you’d fly something like Enemy within 3.0 or the Mirage 2K campaigns, you’d see it’s been found again.


Depends on the person. It always strikes me when people say ‘flight sims / game XYZ etc are now less fun than they used to be’ that they don’t consider the fact that the sim has stayed the same, but that they have now changed.

It’s like an adult wondering why everything was so big when they were a kid - did everything just get magically smaller? :slight_smile:


That’s beautiful. thanks.

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The museum relic campaign has soooo much soul. That really had a lot of love poured into it


Who remembers this gem? Since I started with Amiga 500, this was the first version I was introduced to. Later I switched to PC version which I will probably cover soon on my channel as well :wink:


Oh yes! Good times!

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