Dovetail's Flight Sim World


OK - in game, free flight. Actually enjoying it quite well. Flying the Cherokee 180 out of Flagstaff. Definitely FSX-ish, but also a bit polished with regards to menus. The aircraft itself is very nice…did a cold start and it looks and feels good. The external graphics are good, although I can’t find a way to turn off the bright-ish lighting…almost like there is a bit too much light in the game, but just 5 minutes worth of impressions. Will post screens and more thoughts later if I don’t go flying tonight. (I know…the irony…)



The first shot looks especially nice.

Don’t forget to do a close-up of a 172 throttle and mixture knobs for @Troll #meta :slight_smile:


My first mod - the in cockpit ruler…


OK. This is odd. And you’re gonna laugh. But I can’t land. I mean, I’ve tried four times now to land at Sedona airport, but there is some odd flight model or environmental behavior that when I cross the airport boundary, some magical uplift current (thermal?) is kicking in, resulting in me flying down the entire length of the runway at 60 knots with my nose pointed down like a wheel-barrow, and the airplane won’t bleed off speed to land. This has happened four times in a row.


You can also see how bright the pavement and dirt is…that seems to be a common complaint on the Steam forums as well. I see no option to control HDR. Now…it does look good an lots of areas, but the pavement reflection is blinding…

Coming into Sedona over Oak Creek Canyon…


…and FWIW - I’m getting 40FPS at max settings in this particular scenario. Will try an urban area next (any requests?)…


LOL can’t land. Best complaint about a flight simulator ever.


I did also just get a CTD when switching scenarios.


Those are some of the nicest raindrop on windscreen effects I’ve ever seen in any sim…

…and this is nice…DA42 Twin Star…going to take it for a spin in stormy conditions from La Guardia…

An example of the way too bright runway surfaces…this is in the middle of a thunderstorm…


good god my eyes


Unfortunately, they don’t appear to shear at a low enough speed though. At 100 knots in the DA42, they are moving, but they should essentially not even be there at all…

Getting about 10 FPS in the weather at La Guardia…will try clear weather next…


I’ve been watching Novawing24’s review. IMHO, it’s a little too rough around the edges for my time investment, but FSW really has some fantastic potential. I’ll be watching it carefully and hope that they refine and polish what is demoed in the early release. Time will tell if the community accepts it as a platform worth developing for.

aircraft selection
cockpits, interiors, and 3d modeling
environment, including clouds, rain drop physics, and wind effects


The cockpits are pretty good from what I’ve seen. They actually do have some 3D components that are better than some Carenado offerings (they have flat altimeter neeedles for instance in some cases). It would be nice to see in VR, but I’m not reading anything about VR implementation.

The PA-46 Malibu Mirage…


Pretty generic NYC - oddly, without the Freedom Tower. Running at about 13 FPS with “fair” weather…



I mean there is early access and Early Access? :slight_smile:

The FSX tiling seems very similar, and with you on a Nvidia 1080 and i7 getting 13 FPS.

This one may take some brewing methinks.


Visual into Newark…


The first mission is short (5 minutes) and just a visual approach to the runway. The instructor reads off checklist items…nicely formatted and the LAX scenery is really nice. This is the kind of thing that would be appealing in this sim, but there would have to be an awful lot of content like this out of the box or lined up to keep people’s interest. That was my criticism of Dovetail Flight School - there wasn’t enough to do right off the bat. The original FSX was way better in that regard. Verdict is out on Flight Sim World though…I’m still only a couple hours into exploring it…

Seneca panel is nice…and the cabin interior as well…

LAX looking good. Buildings are a bit too uniformly white, but it is a fair representation…


It doesn’t look like there are a whole lot of missions - looks like around 8 missions - some have more segments, so call it maybe sixteen total? Not sure if the rest of the world opens up as you progress…


Looks like FSW inherited the Dovetail Flight School curriculum - UK or US bases teaching primary stuff, and multi-engine in phases. Light Aircraft, Private Pilot, and Multi Engine…

Light Aircraft - Waltham, UK - 7 lessons
Private Pilot - Prescott, AZ - 9 lessons (our home @EinsteinEP!)
Multi Engine Piston - Koblenz, Germany - 4 lessons

Obviously, it’d be nice to see instrument, commercial, ATP, type ratings, career…perhaps that is planned (?)…