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As I said earlier, some people are having some success at importing other aircraft into FSW, and now it looks like someone has manged to get at least some of their ORBX scenery working. Their observation is that some of the ORBX libraries use 32-bit or something, so it is hit or miss…

“Easily? Yeah. Does it fully work all the time? Nope. Orbx scenery is dependent upon Libs or Library files and external apps to function properly. Without those its kinda hit and miss. This scenery along with the airport and YBBN work just fine in FSW. YMML V3 and some others do not. Like I said, hit and miss.”


FSW getting truSKY advanced weather engine today. I don’t own this title due to time constraints, but happy to see continued development. Looks like a twitch stream with devs is live.


TrueSKY has really tranformed the sim. It’s looking pretty good I must say.

Edit: here’s the same mission in older version for comparison:


Haaaaaaaaang on. In that first vid, 3 minutes in, he is requested to taxi on grass where there is no taxiway…:fearful:

That alone stopped me watching the rest.


Yeah the Friedrichshafen airport seems to have broken taxiways, I was surprised as well to see that I had to taxi on the grass. I wonder if the same bug was present in FSX as this is basically based on that?


Just re-read what I wrote above. It wasn’t meant to sound rude or snobby


It’s fine Bogusheadbox, constructive criticism is always welcomed.


Right, i’m a right plonker. I’m very sorry, i thought you posted demo videos released by the dev team, not your personal vids. Thats why i was a little critcal, thought it strange the devs would show off no taxiway.

Sorry for the misunderstanding,


FSW on Steam -25% until 28-AUG

…actually very good price where single aircraft addon costs more.


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I am curious about two things

  • DA42
  • FTX Global for eastern Europe (hope it will be as advertised “…stunning land and seascapes to enjoy from above.”) :wink:


Well after few quick flights around LZTN I am quite not impressed. Not because of the sim itself. More because of my too high expectation I guess.

Definitely this is Early Access so everything is subject to change and I hope it will go only better and better.

The things I was curious about

  • DA42 - I didnt have chance yet to take up the DA42 so no comments in this department

  • Weather - for now, in free flight, there are just weather themes available. I was hoping for possibility of real world weather download, but this is still not implemented

  • FTX Global - these are actually better textures only. I was just expecting falsely something more from it. Here are two shots, default FSX and default FSW



And some good news. Just Flight released first aircraft addon for FSW - Piper PA-28R Arrow III



As already uncovered in Annual thread and as obvious from many online debates, Flight Sim World is only FSX in better graphics.

This is especially true for the scenery. FSW is advertising implementation of FTX Global Textures and the textures are really better than stock FSX. But the ‘Vector’ part of the scenery (coast lines, rivers, roads, etc.) is completely the same as FSX.

On the other hand, P3Dv4 is advertising implementation of Vector, but I am afraid that they applied it only in USA. The rest of the world, together with the textures, is the same stock FSX imho.

Point is that I am not really disappointed by this ‘default’ scenery in FSW. What concerns me more, for example, is the obsolete navaids database copied over from FSX.
But I live in good belief that this will be sooner or later updated.

Here are for comparison your shots from P3D and mine from FSW. One picture is worth hundred words :slight_smile:

P3D pic1

FSW pic1

P3D pic2

FSW pic2

P3D pic3

FSW pic3

P3D pic4

FSW pic4


Thanks @NEVO!

Indeed, apart from some atmospheric effects (I would imagine, from the shots) the appearance is pretty much the same.

I think coral atolls probably need their very own land class! :grin:


As much as I like FSW, the P-40 as new DLC is a curious addition, IMO. Perhaps a statement that they don’t plan to be solely a GA sim. Could be the marketing department wagging the dog. I’d be happy if the fixed current bugs before moving on.


What is also curious is that all the planes are piston engine. No jetprop no jet yet.


They just added free mission pack.

Here’s the first mission:


Pretty cheap right now as well…

The Maui scenery looks great in those free missions (as do the general graphics in your video @damson) but the lack of VR is disappointing in a new title.


More from the mission pack:

Day 2

Day 3


Man, that rain effect is beautiful…