Dumb Questions Thread (2021)

Well. I, for one, need this thread. It is therapeutic (I had to look up how to spell that BTW…which is a great thing since it means I don’t often use that word…unlike…virile or handsome…which I know how to spell perfectly…).

Not a question, but an observation…

I have to copy files from a left window pane to the right. I must. Or I get confused. So do people that live in the UK have to drag from right to left? And…do Aussies drag from bottom to top?

Important things to be learned here I feel.

Second bottle of Malbec questions. Undoubtedly. Mixed liberally with procrastination.


Regardless…welcome to the 2021 Dumb Questions Thread…


Wondering what the world would be like if all users knew how to use the command line.


There would be files all over the place.

Oh wait - there are. The world is producing crap data by the petabyte every day. Stuff that only ever gets saved once but never used.

My dumb question is: Who’s going to ever clean up that pile of crap?

Nature has Ants and Bacteria. What does cloud computing have?


What’s the command line?

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@BeachAV8R , I can’t help you directly with that, but in Italy we don’t move stuff around… we switch side. :smiley:


Idiots and procrastinators. But don’t worry, your cloud computing is being moved overseas…

Because of my geographic location, now I am really wondering what they do here… Arabic is written right to left… Cheeze and Quakers!


So there is a use for those people!

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For IT people it can be a different game entirely, as we’d think more in terms of source and destination or perhaps active and backup.

So for me, the main monitor is on the left. Secondary monitor has to go on the right, as I stack shortcuts on the left and therefore won’t accidentally hit them crossing screens.

Following that, backups are always displayed on the right screen and active data sets on the left.

I think IT people would make more money.

While a GUI may prevent catastrophic errors, such as deleting the system files because Windows Explorer says they are in use (by the system) - just remember Linux has chmod 777 and the equally infamous rm -rf /, and Windows’ CMD and Powershell could have equally disastrous commands (I haven’t looked for any). We have enough fun with users with restricted access GUI’s!

The children, or the inactive account deletion tool that was set too aggressively and deletes your wedding photos while you are on vacation! :rofl:

A direct human error input system, with 100% efficiency. :wink:


too easy nbd GIF

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Data Scientists. You’d be surprised what you can do with all that “useless” data.

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And in case anyone asks, the answer is ‘42’


I drag whenever, wherever, whatever. I’m agile like that :ninja:

ninja GIF

Why is there no ninja animated icon?

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It’s so stealthy, you can’t find it!


Here you go


Isn’t that John Cena .gif?

I love how you have to wait so long for the reveal…but it is really worth it…

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Had something similar happen to me in N Ireland. How we laughed as we put the cuffs on.


Why do ladies always get a new spoon out of the drawer but guys just keep cleaning off the same one?


Some of us get a pilots license.