'Early Access' Release Model Discussion

I actually disagree on that one. Had several flights that were supposed to use SRS (as well as a predecessor by ExcessiveHeadspace, can’t remember the name though) waste a lot of time because somebody couldn’t get it set up. Priority-wise, sure that’s a really personal thing, but having proper built-in voice comms that tie in with the radios isn’t a complete waste of time.

True. Which is why I’m grateful that their end-of-the-year newsletter isn’t the same compilation of buzzwords liberally stamped with “we’re working on this right now” or “we’re going to work on this in the upcoming year” any more.

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Just no.

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On a related note, here’s a light take on the EA release model:


No, this is a Grille! :+1:


I agree with @sobek here, a properly integrated SRS like radio system, needs to be there for multiplayer.

SRS is fantastic but it gets overwhelming for newer users to understand the sheer capabilities it has (customizable radio effects, per aircraft control profiles, auto connect, etc.) and then you either double up controls (SRS = DCS Radio Buttons) which means closing the menu all the time or use twice the bindings (SRS has different than DCS) via extra keys, buttons or through a modifier.

The saving grace for SRS is that it is so good that the last few people I guided through setup and settings practically fell in love with it. However, I doubt that would be the case if they had to research and/or fumble through all the options from scratch alone.

I would go as far to say that it should have been done years ago.

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Yep. You and @Franze helped me and I love it now. Especially now I have got rid of the weird feedback which made me hear my own voice a full second after I spoke. Making me slur my words like a drunk person. That nearly made me give up but now I actually prefer it to discord for serious flying

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Reminiscent of VoiceAttack & VAICOMM pro


Yes, that brings about an unholy trinity of potentially needing a third binding set. VA/Vaicom is more practical in SP where the addition of actual comms binding isn’t needed. I haven’t found a balance myself yet, but I am still training the speech recognition and see what it can do so I don’t use it all the time either.



Not that I want to derail the EA thread but is there a list of phrases to get started with using VoiceAttack/VAICOMM in DCS? I have seen the training and mapping sections of tutorials and such but I’d like to have a list of commands on my DCS kneeboard that may help me remember what to say and in what order :slight_smile:

Also, yes. Been thinking of multiplayer DCS again, and SRS, and if I am making my own sim life difficult :slight_smile:

You can cycle through the list of phrases as you train it, I forget where exactly. It’s more a word list than phrase list, however.

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My only gripe with SRS is having to configure so many profiles for the aircraft. Not to fault SRS at all. It’s just part of the territory. My mic switch in the A-10 is the wing sweep switch in the F-14, and my mic switch in the F-14 is my coolie hat in the A-10…and then I need to dual-purpose the one mic switch for both SRS and in-game comms…oof.

Concur. This relates to why I prefer generic sticks/throttles, with lots of ‘admin’ buttons/knobs/levers. A replica is cool for sure but there are just some add-on gizmos that require, to me, some extra HOTAS inputs.

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exactly my words! where is my F100? F104? MiG17? MiG21F13? Mystere IV? Super Mystere? Meteor? Hunter? :smile:

EA for F-18 / F-16 is almost never ending … but ask people if they wants F-22 / F-35 / Su-57 which will never leave EA by design … they will pre-order it now even it is not yet in development by ED!

People wants the modern stuff, not the stuff which will leave EA sooner imo.


OK, I got excited there a little :slight_smile: ED lets finish the Korea first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



These are your guys! Currently working on the first MiG you mentioned and this is the broader plan:


Red Star Simulations will be focused on 1st thru 3rd Generation fighter and attack planes from the Soviet Union, Britain, France, and United States


Regarding SRS. I have dedicated a mini-stick on my throttle for comms, and nothing else. So it doesn’t matter what I am flying, from Bf109 to F-18, from IL2 to DCS, forward stick is xmit on comm one, right is two and so on. Of course in order to do that, one must have the luxury on an unused stick or hat.

Regarding SRS, I use the rockers on my MFDs which otherwise wouldn’t see much use either. I think that SRS is a fantastic piece of software and I’m thankful to its authors but it would be amazing to have the comms integrated in the game rather than requiring a secondary set up and have it integrated with the normal comms, such as with AI and ATC, as well.

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