Red Star Sims - DCS MiG-17F

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  • Currently in the stage of developing the SFM model. All the parts with the exception of the cockpit have been modeled and are undergoing texturing. Cockpit is expected to be completed by early June 2021.
  • ETA for the first version of the SFM is by mid April 2021.
  • ETA for the final version of the SFM is mid June 2021 (tentative).
  • Work on the EFM is slated to begin in mid June 2021 (tentative).
  • ETA for EFM is to be determined.


Will the SFM mod be available to the public?

  • The MiG-17F SFM mod will be available to a select few for Alpha testing. Since the SFM will not be released there will be no Beta testing.

Will the EFM mod be available to the public?

  • The plan is to have the MiG-17F be an official DCS mod purchased thru Eagle Dynamics.
  • Every step currently taken in MiG-17F’s development is being made with this in mind. We want this plane to fly along other great mods in DCS…and look forward to some of your videos :slight_smile:

Will the MiG-17F EFM mod be available for Alpha and Beta testing?

  • Yes, there will be a small selected group of Alpha testers.
  • Yes, there will be a bigger and broader group for Beta testing.

Can I sign up for Alpha or Beta testing?

  • Unfortunately, Alpha testers will be handpicked. If you have a case as to why you should be a part of the Alpha test team, please contact us (when contact information becomes available) and let us know why.
  • Beta testing will be broader, but it will be made up of experienced DCS pilots. These DCS pilots will be people who have tested before and know how to test. They have to be detail oriented and meticulous in their reporting of issues. There will be an announcement with a request for Beta testers.

Great minds think alike! :slightly_smiling_face:

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added the FOCUS bit, overlooked it at first. I like the guys even more now! :slight_smile:


Well wow! That’s great news!

Red Star Simulations will be focused on 1st thru 3rd Generation fighter and attack planes from the Soviet Union, Britain, France, and United States

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Nice. More variety for the Cold War 1947-1991 server.


Also machines that are hard to pilot but easy to technically learn… I mean switchology wise…


So, there is a GOD! I am soooo excited! My dream machine is in the works!

Oh nice! The Fresco and who knows what other late 50s and 60s hotrods we’ll get out of this! Sweet!

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I really hope for an early F-100!


Sabre dance to death heh. What about the Hawker Hunter eh? Or perhaps a Gina? Ooh or a Mirage III! Now there’s something that belongs in DCS!


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Exactly… also, while DCS ‘Nam is what I really really want for Xmas, the current Middle East theatres we have actually work really well for believable conflicts for that era (well, might need to place operations a little way from the Dubai skyline but apart from that).

The early air defences are great for dramatic but survivable gameplay, too - dodging flying flagpoles coming at you on top of big pillars of smoke, MANPADs aren’t everywhere so down low is a valid ingress tactic and so on.

It all makes for the kind of flying that suits my life well - not too many switches to remember and mostly it is about stick and rudder skills. I guess for me the difference is - when I forget the switchology sequence of a smart weapon, I can’t do it full stop, but when I get rusty on my energy management and gunnery, I can still get up there, try my best and have a good time.

That said, I do really like having a little bit of technology to spice things up, so the early IR missiles and things like the Hind’s AT missiles are great - simple but something extra to just unguided stuff.

I’m just echo chambering here without much to add I guess but my point is that the era works really well for a semi-casual simmer from a gameplay standpoint…so I can’t wait for more content :blush:


And Panthers and Cougars and Cutlasses and Tigers and Demons and Banshees and Whales…


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! :grin:



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And Gannets. No? Really? I’ll show myself out


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I really want a Gannet in DCS! :rofl:

Ever since someone posted a picture of it here, I’ve wanted to fly one in a sim…it’s one of those amazing monstrous contraptions of the immediate post-WWII era where they stretched what was possible with propeller tech and probably entered the “we were too busy finding out if we could, we never stopped to think if we should”-territory :joy:


It’s pretty amazing. Here we are with a full fidelity MiG-15, MiG-19, and MiG-21, plus very realistic Su-25, MiG-29 and Su-27s, with a MiG-17 on the way (and maybe even a MiG-23).

I remember when Novalogic’s MiG-29 came out and I thought that was exotic.

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