Eject! Eject! Eject!



Got the new braided sleeves today…
The new one is on a smaller diameter hose, than the old one. Will have to get some more of the wider one.

But yeah, there will be a remake…! :sunglasses:




In situ…


All you need now is to install a car airbag under the seat, rigged to the ejection handle !


You sure you should give guys like me, advice like that…?


Probably not


Hmmm. There’s gotta be a way to direct the expansion a bit better… Also something like this would force you to actually prepare to eject before doing so. Much more realistic than just pulling the handle whenever…


Yeah! Way ahead of you… I’m thinking a seat ontop of a round compression chamber.
I may need to make a face curtain handle as well.


What about rails to direct the seat after deployment? I mean, that’s pretty common for ejection seats now.


Don’t think I’ll need rails since my SimBox isn’t moving. The compression chamber will work as a shape charge, directing the expansion upwards.

But I could add them, for autencity.


I was kidding, but now i want to see it built !


Martin Baker has a “Tie Club” - the membership is exclusively aviators whose lives were saved by a Martin Baker ejection seat. They are presented with neckties bearing the ejection.handle design …very cool.


Me too! :wink:


Do you have a basement? F104 early seats were ejected downwards :wink:


Solid rock beneath the house, unfortunately.
But I have the sim on the 2nd floor… :wink:


Troll’s Wife “Darling, I said dinner is ready!”
Troll “Ah, INCOMING!”
Troll’s Wife “wait, no… take the stair…”

Troll crashing into the living room from above sitting in a makeshift MartinBaker, still holding an ejection handle and a wide smile.
Pieces of plaster fall randomly.

Troll’s wife “You seriously have to stop visiting that forum…”.




You should see the looks I get, sometimes… :wink:


If it’s anything I get from mine- I know already…


Ok… New seat, new ejection handle.

This time around with a softer silicon hose, instead of that steel reinforced and braided one.
With the softer hose I can make the handle shorter, and still maintain flexibility.

I will also use a rail so that the handle module has a more positive connection to the base.
I have accidentally ejected as my thighs moved the handle, when working the rudderpedals.

I’m using AN swivel end fittings to connect the hose handle.

I will use a regular home alarm window magnetic switch and magnets, to make the handle module stick to the base and activate the switch when the handle is removed…

No, the ’Danger - Ejection Seat’ keyring won’t be used. Just for attention :wink: