Eject! Eject! Eject!



Some parts, for the new ejection handle.

The reed switch (window alarm mag switch) inside the extruded alu case that I will be using, and the steel lid I made for the magnets in the handle module to adhere to. Had to make a hole in the lid, for the mag flux to reach the reed switch :slight_smile: Filled the hole with epoxy.
The black lid with glued on magnets will cover the bottom of the handle module, and is the counterpart to the steel lid.

The top of the ejection handle module will have a steel lid, because the black alu lid is too thin to withstand the forces of pulling the ejection handle…
Here it just got a fresh coat of paint.


Starting to make sense…?


Don’t throw it at your monitor if you are in VR…looks weighty!


It would make a serious dent in any LCD screen, for sure!
I usually push the monitor away, when I’m in my goggles, so it won’t cover the sensors.

And, besides, it’s PULL to eject, not PUSH… :wink:


I wouldn’t know…



Old vs. New.


The old ejection handle gets a new life in @BeachAV8Rs sim pit. Purely as a prop. Heroes like him don’t need to eject. But it looks cool, and even heroes like that.

Even so, I thought I’d put a teensy2 controller in it, and add a safe/unsafe switch. I mean, he may want to show it to someone, occasionally…

The handle was linked to my ConTrollR Throttle, as an external switch.
Now it will become a USB controller of it’s own.
It will be recognized as a 3 button game controller. One pulsing button #1 as the handle is pulled, and buttons #2 & #3 depending on the switch position.

Now… What should I call it. What should the device name be…?


I’m going to have my mechanic glue it together. I’m too busy doing other stuff to be grabbing that “Surrender Handle”…



Well I think that it has to be “Surrender Handle” now :slight_smile:


«PullToSurrender»? :rofl:



Device Name?

    1. EjectEjectEject
    1. SurrenderHandle
    1. PullToSurrender
    1. EjectionHandle
    1. PullToEject

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That’s awesome. I can’t wait to do it in VTOL VR because of how it looks in that sim…




The curse of a DIYer… You always think you can improve on what you build, so you are doomed to eternal tinkering. Actually, I like that part! :wink:

I bet you can spot the change…
Isn’t it obvious that the handle tube is 2mm thinner in diameter, and the loop is about 10mm lower? :roll_eyes:

The previous silicon tube I used was 16mm and while softer than the steel reinforced tube, I wanted it even softer.
So, this is a 14mm silicon tube.
I made the loop just a little bit shorter, to close the loop diameter slightly.

Juuust perfect! :ok_hand:t3:



Until the next bit of tinkering :wink:


Of course… :rofl:

Perfection is not a state. It’s a pursuit. :wink:


So during a carrier air wing’s training at NAS Falon, the Carrier Strike Group commander,(a 1 or 2 star) if he/she is not an aviator, is typically given a ride in the back of an FA-18D (now maybe FA-18F). The idea is for them to see the air battle/air strikes from the air, give them a sense of the airborne perspective, etc.

A few years back the Admiral was enjoying his ride when the pilot, while maneuvering, put some negative Gs on the jet. The Admiral felt himself being pulled up so he instinctively grabbed the nearest handle to pull himself back down/hang on…naturally.

The next radio transmission from the jet likely went something like this:

Fallon tower, Hornet 107: I am RTB at this time, please notify maintenance that the jet is down due to no canopy and no rear seat. Also you might want to send the station SAR helo out to pick up the Admiral, stand by for his coordinates…


Holy moly.
I bet there was a bunch of very funny paperwork following that…