Eject! Eject! Eject!



Given my track record with the Viggen, I think sewing one onto a ball cap for me would be appropriate. :astonished:


How about straight on your forehead?


That would work. :slightly_smiling_face:


So… Thinking of putting my new patches to good use.

But where…? :thinking:


… one on each butt-cheek! :grin:




Dude that is AWESOME!! Really good detail, those patches are badass too.


That F-35 patch is freak’n sweet. Maybe we need a patch thread around here :thinking:




Maybe we need a patch thread around here

I really regret making the New Topic button so small… :wink:

Patch coming up…



Oh no… Not again… :wink:


What? We can make new topics now? Madness…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Works on my machine, though…


I like the triangle patches in the third pic. High on the side.

The circular one will get worn by your head (helmet) so I don’t think that is a good position.

In fact, per the theory that sometimes, “more is less”, I would skip attaching it to the seat; think the triangle patches are enough.

That said, if you have a flight jacket you wear with your work uniform, it would make a nice addition as a shoulder patch. :slightly_smiling_face:

… I wonder what your passengers will think…:fearful:


I’m thinking there, or at the seat part…

Yeah… And that’s the only place to put a single patch like that.

We don’t want them to know we have ejection seats.


looks real, good work!


Have you considered marketing your ejection handle as a cat trap? Because it works as a cat trap. I’m away from home but caught this on my security camera…

He must have walked across my desk and tried to walk through it… :rofl: I kept watching and after 10 minutes he did spaz out and managed to get out of it…

So I guess now it really IS a Tomcat ejection handle!



That gave me a good bellylaugh! Cats truly are curious creatures…
If I do decide to start an Ejection handle production line, I will pay big bucks for your cat to pose with the product! ”Cats love ’em!”
Totally awesome…!


I love how he is just laying there like…“this is my life now…” The other cat was actually laying there…and he waddled over to her with that thing around his mid-section and was looking at her like “HELP!”…to which she just got up and walked away.


Cat problem solving procedure complete. I love them :slight_smile: