Eject! Eject! Eject!



Reflex action… :slight_smile:

I would imagine that the jet would need some serious maintenance after that. I mean, that must be like setting of a small bomb in the cockpit…!


Awesome work here, Troll. Seriously impressed!


I think I found that story on the net! http://www.vfp62.com/F14_RIO.html


Interesting read. Lessons there for everyone I think, even if you don’t fly fast jets.


Yep…that’s the one I was thinking of.

I had some of my facts wrong.

Not the admiral but the Air Defense Warfare Commander (aka “Whisky” for his call sign end “W” - each carrier strike group is given an initial letter callsign, the JCS CSG in 2004 was Bravo “B” so our Air Defense Warfare Commander was “BW” Bravo Whisky on the CSG command circuit. As the Intelligence Coordinator I was Bravo India , “BI”…yeah, I wasn’t all that thrilled with it either).

Now, I do recall that it was an F-14 not a 2-seat Hornet. I never saw this article, only the Navy accident report. The article is much more interesting! Great pic of the mishap F-14 without canopy and nobody sitting in the back seat…not something you see every day


Look what came in the mail today!! It feels (and smells) as if it is a factory fresh model! The engineering is incredible…and the craftsmanship is something I’m super jealous of. What a great skill to be able to create such hardware!


Yeah, that rubber tube sure stinks!

Glad it arrived, safe and sound.
May it save your virtual butt, many times! :wink:


Yes…I’m thinking about taking up DCS Harrier flying…I’m sure it will come in very, very handy…!


Ok… So…
New Ejection handle, with new and brighter black&yellow brading, calls for a new custom cable. Right…?

I had a couple of angled, black metal audio jack contacts, soldered silicon cables and covered them in a braided sleeve.
The cable is just a link from the switch to the ConTrollR base.

Looks good though, doesn’t it? :wink:


You Sir…are on a mission. You are eventually going to build a Viggen around that starting spot aren’t you? :rofl:


I would absolutely love to build a Viggen pit…! But I need a bigger house, first. :slight_smile:


A fine reason to go house hunting!

I can imagine the conversation with the real estate agent…looking for something with 3 bedrooms, a double garage and a 1-Viggen hangar, thanks - within 30 min drive from city centre please.


“Honey…I’ve been thinking. The living room AND the kitchen are really overrated. I mean…we eat out most of the time…! So here’s what I’m thinking…hey hey hey…don’t roll your eyes like that…”


Come on down to Texas, land is cheap, and we’re crazy like that!


Troll might melt if he has to deal with the Texas heat…


Garages are over rated. We have a two-car garage that is full of all the “left over” junk from our move…our two cars are in the driveway anyway. I bet if I was sneaky enough I could empty enough of the garage and slip in a sim-cockpit while my wife was sleeping.

Yeah…I’m sure that is a good idea with absolutely no downsides!


What could possibly go wrong…?
Norwegian girls are sooo forgiving… :grimacing:


Found a cool pin, and pimped the ejection handle…


Hotel layover are part of my job. It’s not something I cherish. It used to be fun in the old days, when you got these long layovers toghether with other crew. These days you get minimum rest, and that’s it. Up and wake the birdies. So, I get bored. And when I get bored, I browse ebay. Baaaad combo!

This came in the mail today. Why did I buy it? Don’t know?

So, now I guess my seat is an MB…


Aaaand these two arrived today…

Where could I put these…? :thinking: