Elite Dangerous 2.2 Guardians release date!

Have a nice read! :slight_smile:



Release date is Tuesday October 25th - nice!

Anyone doing the new community goals? I might try a mining build.

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Crap, I’m still out at Jaques Station… And apparently there’s nothing to do here yet…

Hoping that changes with the update.

Oh, I thought the CG started already. I was thinking to make my first visit to Jaques tonight. I just need to look up how far it is as have no idea as yet. :slight_smile:

Only a mere 22,000 light years from Sol. :slight_smile:

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Oh man, it’ll be over by the time I get there. I need an ASP ASAP :slight_smile:

hmmm seems im a bit behind…Last time I was in space we could land on planets. What have I missed? lol

Oh wait, it’s a mining CG? What I wouldn’t give to have my mining Clipper right now… And the ability to save/ store modules already functional. I’m a little worried about losing my super huge fuel scoop if I refit there.

It only took me the last season of Alias on Netflix to make it out there. And i got a cool 18 million credits in exploration data.


BTW the CG that is finishing up this week is pretty easy to get a quick payout.
Aliance Outpost in the California Nebula
Summary System: Furuhjelm III-674 Station: Tshang City (Coriolis Starport, large pads available, 48 Ls from main star, 96.37 Ly from Sol) Objective: Deliver Geological Equipment, H.E. Suits and Pesticides

There’s Geological Equipment nearby at LTT 11485 - Nespoli Ring - 17.37 LY and 618 LS to station.

And it’s easy to get the low percentile rewards:
~60T (Top 100%) payout 700k + global awards
~160T (Top 75%) payout 3,870k+ global awards
~420T (Top 50%) payout 7,741k + global awards
~1000T (Top 25%) payout 12,902k + global awards

At the current rate it’s probably going to wrap up early in the next day or two, but pretty easy money for people starting out, my Lakon Type-6 did 68T each trip at first and can be upgraded to 100T or more per trip, just over the last night I did 980T so hoping to be 25% before it wraps up and collect an easy 13M, that’s probably pocket change for Solis traders, but for me it’s a fortune to upgrade to a better ship from my Cobra and Type-6 :smiley:


Refitted my T6 as an explorer (they’re surprisingly good at it), and took her on a 6 week, 40 million credit journey to the core and back. It was a nice change of pace. :slight_smile:


I kept my 6. Its surprisingly good with a fairly fast speed. Can get a good jump out of it, you can mine with, i do long haul smuggling in it… The only thing you can’t do is fight in it.

its one of the best bang for buck ships out there that can earn you serious money.


I’ve kept mine stashed somewhere, in case of a rainy day.

Guardians 2.2 Update day is tomorrow! :birthday:

Time to backup control schemes, as for me previous updates meant I had to do them again and they are tedious. :sleepy:

Copy this into Windows explorer:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings

and copy those puppies elsewhere.

Also, if you use HOTAS then this site can use the above location for a pretty nice reference sheet:



Thanks for the reminder, would suck to have to remap everything.


Thanks frog. Good to know. I have to redo mine anyway. Lost them when I redid windows last month.

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So guardians looks like a fun update. I ain’t gonna lie the passenger aspect and hiring pilots looks fun and intresting.

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A nice AMA with Mr. Braben on Reddit.

General notification:

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Looks like the update is ready for download now…