Elite Dangerous 2024

I thought I’d start an ED2024 thread to follow on from the Elite Dangerous: Updates thread which has become somewhat unweildy and long. And what better way to do it than with the Buur Pit’s first round up of 2024:

I’m looking forward to trying the new exploration tool when I get back on to ED!

o7 CMDR’s


Also, Drew Wagar is expanding on his previous playlist on ED Lore:

Very good point…

This is the great recap of Elite’s 2023 Buur talk about (part.1)

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New ships coming in 2024! :scream::partying_face:

EDIT: Warning, mild spoilers!


I’m troubled.
On one hand releasing ships seems like a simpler way/short term gain in terms of players.
We are still waiting (more than patiently) for the atmospheric planets.
There’s a LOT of features promised still missing. Those would be longer term gain.

On the other hand Frontier is cutting out a lot of good people- a few people close to me lost their jobs despite their amazing work- and this sours me a lot.

To be fair after David Braben left I knew sith like this would happen.

So- yeah cool-awesome-nicely done (/sarcasm) on the new ships.
Oh sorry rework of old ships- all the while the promised, and in-lore present, Panther Clipper still is nowhere to be seen.


Some more info here. I think I’m feeling quite upbeat about the next year or so of ED :grimacing:


They are pretty upbeat at the Buur Pit this week:

I’m getting weird weird vibes and not good at all- the more PR I read about this the less it clicks with me.

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Did you like the Thargiod content? I never engaged with it at all, or anything that felt even remotely like a grind, so hearing it might be all over sounds great to me.

The same with the powerplay stuff, which I had less interest in than left over pocket lint.


It’s not about that- it just feels rushed. After all this time with the Thargoids it feels like they are just going “Whelp, you won they are gone poof ciao”

Content used to be delivered differently. Since the whole Thargoid things started being dragged on and on I felt less and less happy about the game


Maybe. Compared to the pace of development over the last few years it is lightning quick. However, it feels to me (and I think that Drew Wagar said something similar on a recent livestream) that although there is a lot scheduled to come out this year it all feels like stuff that probably was previously worked on but never made it to release. So a lot of the dev work has already been done and they only need to dust it off and add the finishing touches. For example, Powerplay 2.0 is probably the major feature overhaul that was promised for last year which never materialised.

Personally, I am excited to see what’s coming and I am very pleased to see the level of engagement by content creators going up. I’ve started to see ship reviews on YouTube again - new ones recorded this year! And livestream playthroughs. And how-to tutorials. This all speaks to me of a resurgence of interest in ED and that can only be a good thing at this point.

I haven’t engaged with the Thargoid content very much either beyond a bit of scout / cyclops hunting over settlements near the start of the war, and recently I’ve been exploring the spire sites (and dying quite a lot in the process). So from my point of view some non-Thargoid goodies are long overdue.

This is, of course, just my tuppence worth.

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I need to re-engage with this. I played the crap out of it for the first few years and it still shows as my most played game on Steam even though the last time I touched is coming up on three years ago.

But I was mainly in it for the exploration, with a bit of ‘Space Trucking Simulator’ thrown in on the side…


Having followed the devs and their way of communicating things from the very very beginning- I feel like somthing broke.

Can’t point my finger on it- hope I’m wrong, but that bad feeling remains.

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Hmmmm … interesting:


I’m gonna call it now: some sort of blend of human and Thargoid technology.


Well, maybe that would allow more casual players to fight Thargoids while not necessarily having to go through the equipment grind…


I think if you want to get in on the Titan bashing action then now is probably the time:


Apologies for spamming this thread, but Titan Taranis is down already!

EDIT: More information:


If anyone is interested in seeing Titan Taranis in its meltdown you have until 6:55 pm today (in game time) to visit before it goes kaboom. The area is relatively safe as long as you pack a couple of corrosion sinks and don’t attack the fleeing interceptors. Also, there are still kidnapped humans to rescue if you bring the appropriate equipment. I’d recommend taking a look while you can, it’s very atmospheric! I’ll post some pics later.