Elite: Dangerous Screens

Lemme show you some stuff…

I was running some rrands for the Dark Wheel when I happened upon a dramatic view.
A big transport, or more than one, literally torn open by some unimaginable force…

And among the shipwreck fragment… here’s my finding.
A totally dark hull of a Sidewinder.

For a short moment I hoped…

Hope against hope to find a survivor…

Sadly with the canopy totally breached there was nothing to do.

Except a brief prayer.

Doing a short EVA operation I realized the extension of the damage the little ship suffered…

Noticed that the seat was missing…
With a bit of luck the pilot was already recovered.

After a while some ships arrived.
Rescue ships, investigating the debris field! Sadly they could only confirm the cargo ship was a write-off with all hands lost. :frowning: The sombre dialog from the Rescue ships was really well written and saddening…

A well assembled party…

Wonder if they accept applications. :wink:

And now some BONUS!
Bacon planet…




Purdy pictures

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Nice shots! How have you found the new AI @komemiute? I was waiting for a 2.1 tweak before going too far, as I’ve read they are fairly brutal - as in nearly all NPC’s seem to have the Engineer weapon/sheild upgrades…


Hah, NEW AI indeed- and I honestly think that those complaining about the AI now are simply too well adjusted to average games of today.

Let me explain- it’s difficult as you would imagine a 1vsMany dogfight.

Point being- everyone and their mothers is too well adjusted being the hero of every frickin’game.
No sir- Elite put you where you belong. Either you have a decisive strategic or Technological overhead or you’rre going to get spanked.

I had to GASP! run

What’s wrong with that?!
That doesn’t detract from my manliness, self esteem, or my sleep at night.

It’s the way it is.

All it takes GASP! is threat assessment and Situational Awareness.
Maybe some GASP! preparation!

Something we’ve being taking from granted too long.

Sadly it IS going to get easyfied for all the whiners out there…
Personally I’m totally fine with pulling a Brave Sir Robin, if I realise I’m outmatched.

And no- the impact of Engineered items on NPC is pretty much spot on.
Seriously- let’s meet and have a Wing up!


This is the Elite I want. I’ll enjoy it while I can.
Who would have thought that a game called Elite would require skill…

That’s my stance.

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I actually run more than I fight. I actually try and stay away from combat if I can and only fight if I have to. The deeper in space I go and the farther I am from civilization, the better I feel. :slight_smile:

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@RedBravo65 Heh, again.
I enjoy reading this. I really do.
And I really love exploration…

This is one of the few games where you really have choices.
As long as you know what you’re doing.

All you have to do is be ready- and be meaningful in what you do.
If you want to be a trader you can. Even with this NPCs!
All you have to do is to run a properly fitted ship.

And in regulated systems, with police that is, if you’re attacked it takes very little for Police forces to show up, and boy do they fight!
So- be ready, be smart, be alive!