Elite: Dangerous Screenshots

Very nice! It’s for PS/4 now as well I believe.

They keep the consoles off in their own instance of the galaxy? Not sure exactly why, but it might even be a non-technical thing like Microsoft being funny about cross-play (and patch levels etc). I often PC Steam → PS4 crossplay with Rocket League and it works ok.


Some more shots, Been doing mainly delivery missions and avoiding salvage ops because you use to have to fly around forever to find the right USS. However last night I found out they changed the way those missions work, now you scan the nav beacon and get a new location and the get a search area. 100 times better and easier. Gained my first Empire promotion too! However Im still waiting for the promotion mission to come up. Typical military hurry up and wait!


Grinding missions in Empire space, all while planning an expedition.

You might find the promotion mission is at a different base/port. I found that a lot with Empire ranking - though usually in the same system. I also had one that I couldn’t do in the ship I was in (it was “deliver 33t of X for the navy” - I was in a DBS with 8t capacity!).

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Some screens of my latest adventures…


I just don’t understand why the screenshots quality gets killed so badly… :confused:


Waterworld, with polar ice caps:

Scan this system and you’ll be buying the drinks!

It’s a shame we can’t go along the straight line. Imagine how much time we’d save:

In the driving seat:



Couple more from the last rock I looked at:


I woke up to find my self on the Bao Landing Rescue Ship- apparently the Thargoids had launched an attack on the station during the night before:

The rescue ship is only docked a short distance from the stricken station, so it’s a very fast supercruise over to do my part.

It’s apparent that the station has taken massive damage in the Thargoid attack, with the reactor at the rear of the station burning, as well as part of the habitation ring blown away and fires across the surface. Everywhere, caustic damage is visible along the surface of the station.

Interior temperature is exceedingly high, and there’s free-floating debris inside the station. Heat sinks and large-ish ships that can stand being buckled around from falling debris and internal explosions are a good idea.

Passenger cabins full and heading back to the rescue ship. More debris floating around inside, and fire off another heat sink as soon as I lifted off the pad.

And a last look at Bao Landing before I head back to the rescue ship:

It’s not the greatest money or reputation builder, but it’s definitely a fun change of pace for the moment!


That looks like fun. Good story and a sense of contributing which is sorely lacking despite their efforts in some areas.

Somehow this happened this evening…


You guys… I did a thing tonight…

And a couple of quick shots before she’s off to Elvira’s to start tinkering.


You sly dog you! That’s an absolute beauty! Body kit, paint, name and all that! :smiley:
You can be my wingman anytime… :wink:

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How you liking it so far? I still need the 7A power plant, so perhaps its because of that that I find they ole’ python more comfortable still. The fighter is fun tho :sunglasses:

I’m still deciding what exactly I want to do with her, but I’m thinking exploration/ cargo/ passengers/ mining right now. As such, I haven’t decided exactly how big of a power plant or thrusters I’ll fit, but I’ll see how the FSD tune goes first. I just need to go grind, I mean find, more Arsenic and Datamimed Wake Exceptions.

A few shots from the last few days…

Somewhere down there is an ice geyser. No way could this go wrong…

This is fine.

Decided to step out and try a different kind of grind, I mean mission…

If anybody wants to come play, I’m still out at one of the sites- I only need to run the Guardian puzzle 36 more times to unlock all the weapons.

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Some screenshots from my collection:

My current mining ship: Krait MkII

My old explorer:

Visiting Sol after getting the permit recently:

Double Painite mining - easy way to get 100M per hour in my Krait :

Checking out Lave System (known from old Elite and Elite II: Frontier):

Nothing beats the view from this office:


the krait is a damn good ship, real all rounder


Indeed. I’ve just reconfigured it for some hauling to take part in current Commuity Goal. Stripped the limpet controllers (class 1 prospector, class 3 and 5 collector), rafinery and fitted additional cargo holds. Now I can haul 192T of cargo, could have gone even further (224T) but I would have to fly without shield generator.
For a medium class ship it can carry lots of stuff and still defend itself if needed (2 medium and 3 heavy hardpoints). Jump range currently varies from 15LY (fully loaded) to 20+LY (empty cargo), not engineered. It basically paid itself off after first double Painit mining run.