Elite Dangerous Thread


I wonder if thargoids show up as wanted on a kill warrant scanner


I don’t know. Part of the fun for me will just be us turning up at a well-known T location and seeing what happens (I don’t know where that is, but could find out I think?). I did see some ‘Passenger wants to see a Thargoid’ missions last night that had a destination, so that seems like a big clue.

I’ll obviously expect the rebuy screen :alien:


I’ll be back in the bubble… Eventually. I can respec my Clipper, but I’m guessing she’d need some engineered parts too. And I’d really, really prefer to face a Thargoid ship with a Cutter, but I’m a few hundred million credits and several dozen Imperial rank missions from that…


Well count me in, let me know when you guys are thargoid hunting and what ships you are using




I haven’t seen the big barnacle site as yet, so will be headed there. I’ll take an A-rated Anacoda big guy, so will visit Founders World first to kit up. It’s not ideal for fighting, but I can’t be doing with engineering bits. The big thing is that they can’t cope with a wing of people rather than the ships themselves (I’ve read four adders took one down, as it had trouble focusing on more than one ship at a time).

The barnacle sites are all over, just playing with this to figure out where to go. I’m pretty close to Sol at the moment.




Also if we are going to group travel, we should set a minimum jump range for all craft to meet to enable squad jump routes.


Yep, I’m thinking we’d have to meet up in the Pleiades Sector anyway? I think that’s where the action is?


Wonder if the Su-33 works in vacuum? I wanna slay ET, but I’m not looking getting rid of all these layers of dust on my shortcut :smiley:


That’s typical - wait until I bugger off, then start the fun… :cry:

Had to happen eventually…

As for those three occupied pods…

Never seen that kind of thing before - but I did get something for it:

The data got me 15,441,452cr - so in total for the bubble to Colonia (scenic route) I got a nice 31 million credits.

Oh, and this:


Just before the last neutron jump to Colonia, as I was repairing my modules with the AFM unit, I got an interdiction attempt! The cheek! I had to evade because I hadn’t switched my weapons back on yet.

Once in the system, it was nice to see and have a few words with some commanders in open, before switching back to private play.

A little tip for anyone else who comes this way - if you use the galaxy map planner, when you have 30 jumps left, switch to the internet planner instead for a simple neutron star route here in just 10 jumps. If you don’t have the fuel for all 10, just pop to a local scoopable star and then back to the neutron system you left. Easy peasy :slight_smile:

Oh - I forgot - just on this last half of the trip I got an incredible 244 first finder bonuses! :astonished:


P.S.A.: Thargoids attacks withing 150 LY from Sol.
I repeat, Thargoids attack are getting closer to Sol. LEss than 150LY.


I suppose this is where Sol/home gets destroyed or captured or whatever and we are all looking for a new place to call home for the human race :cry:


My belief is that the Thargoids are not evil. IIRC there’s two factions. One clearly aggressive and the other we could side with…


As aggressive as humans? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not get carried away here- aggressive yes, but not completely annihilating! :fearful:


New patch out - link in the update thread.


Been having a good look round, visiting ports, doing different missions - bought myself a Sidewinder for running errands, planetary scans etc, as I’ve not been able to find a Viper or Cobra for sale.

There are a few shipyards around - you can buy a Python for the usual 56million. That and a Type 6 are the only two larger vessels I’ve seen available to buy, though I read you can find others around. I was going to have my Python delivered, but it would cost over 150 million credits! :astonished:

Might as well buy a new one - but I won’t.

All the same missions are available here, that you would get in the bubble, so it’s not that different, aside from the lack of ship variety available.

I tested my new gold and golden (what’s the difference - gold is matte, golden is gloss), but though the golden one looks great in the hangar, outside both look drab.

I may try a go in one of the RES for some bounties later, even thinking of doing some mining - apparently there is good money to be made mining in these systems. What I really want to do is find an Orca and do some tourist trips, or ferry an explorer round - there are plenty such jobs going.




My noo Sidey - you forget how small and slow these things are, after being spoiled by the larger ships


Update: Found more local shipyards with popular vessels in them - Viper III; Cobra III; DBX; Hauler; Adder; Keelback; Vulture; Python; Anaconda.

Prices vary a lot from yard to yard.


OK - I’m getting a bit bored here. Often, starports that only a few minutes ago had 50+ missions available suddenly having zero and no passenger jobs.

I was hoping to get an explorer or scientist passenger to take further towards Sag A - I’ve seen them before, but now I want one, none show up (sod’s law).

So, although I am now heading back to the bubble, I want to do it in a very round about way (i.e. the scenic route). For now, I’m heading out to the nebula in the Dryooe Prou area - actually there are two, about 15 jumps apart, and I want to visit both. From there, I’ll see what mood I’m in. I was thinking of heading out Sag A way, but we’ll see.

So, hitting the space highway again. And feeling better for it :slightly_smiling_face:


Check the surrounding settled systems as well.