Elite Dangerous Thread


Yeah, I had been running missions and passengers out to the surrounding systems and back, as well as planetary scan missions. The outlying systems seemed to have even less to do than the Colonia ones - Giles in Deriso always had a blank screen for missions and for passengers.

Anyway, I’m well out on my way, now - back into unpopulated space and this time scanning more than the last trip. 21 jumps left to the area I want to check out.



Ooh, I found a couple of Earth - likes there.


Some new Info about the upcoming stuff for Elite has been revealed in the frontier expo thingy … the most interesting bit for me is the ability to form larger squadrons (instead of the wings we currently have) and the ability to have a large carrier type space craft that players can buy and control as a sort of mobile base of operations


Nice that the next years updates are free to horizons owners.

I do wonder what happened to atmospheres and the talk of walking around? i also wonder what and when the next season will be and entail


My ships…

Voodoo Child (even though I’m thinking to call it Armalyte)





Ragno Rosso (Red Spider)

Luna Blu (Blue Moon)

Amraam (this ship is FAST)





Do you fly them all at once? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was just watching this:



Ohh, thats an interresting theory


aside from the new ships we are also getting Galnet radio


Heh, of course!
Well, I spent quite a bit characterizing each one.
I got the fast and dirty, the far-jumper, the extremely cold one, the unbelievable smuggler…
Plus a couple I’m finishing still.


Not sure why but thats awesome!


Just home from a weekend away. Time to see if I can push hard and make it back to the bubble tonight, or at least very close to it. 78 jumps to Rohini…


Cmdr Morddraig, though unlikely to be found online much as I only get around 90 mins a week on my PC. So been playing a year, still in my Sidey, with 56k in the bank, and very little idea of what Im doing or why!!! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good start … Now start cracking through some missions on stations to get some cash then head out into the black and see what’s going on :slightly_smiling_face:


If anyone needs a mentor in European TimeZone… I’m CMDR Benjamin K. Master.


Ok explorers, Cargo hold ya or nay? and if ya, how big?


What cha wanna be doin’ wid dat cargo hold homie?


Maybe like a 2T glovebox, to bring back a Thargoid egg or something when they unlock 2.4 content way out of the bubble?

Actually, if anyone has a ‘perfect ASPX’ explorer build handy then I’d be interested in the shipbuilding thingy link.


Bad news on the Mudspike official group. On checking the FD forum, there are people who have been waiting 11 months for their group to be approved - and more waiting 7 months.

The priority for FD is the private minor factions - and even they are taking months to process. Understandably, perhaps.


In the recent conference they did talk about a group carrier thing with Squadrons? Maybe Mudspike can get a squadron and then one day a floating base or something? That would be amazing.



If you have space, yes. I came across an exploration data container worth 135k on my way into Rohini. There are reports of others finding occupied escape pods out there too, and if you’re reasonably close to the new remote stations, they can be worth some scratch.