Elite Dangerous Thread


Was it a NPC or a human? But mostly… what ship were you flying that a simple eagle blew you up?


Best I can tell, NPC, though the name looked otherwise.

And I was in my AspX, but still had my shields and weapons turned off to reduce my heat signature- I was actually planning on reactivating them before I jumped out of that system, as I knew I was getting close to inhabited space. Got interdicted right after I honked and before I could even start scanning the Star. I submitted, then found all the nearby stars in my navigation panel were on the other side of the current system’s star. I was still fumbling with the modules panel as my hull went to zero.

All I had in my cargo hold was a single small scan data container I’d picked up in a signal source just after I left Amundsen Terminal.


Ah, ok - makes perfect sense. Sorry for having had doubts.

Last time I came back from a trip around the big black I safely played in Solo- Just to be safe.


Finally slogged my way back home to the Bubble.

…and I’m still stuck at 91% of the way to Elite Explorer. Go figure.

However, I did pick up this shiny new toy. Now she just needs a name, and a Frame Shift Drive that can jump farther that 9 light years:


YEAH! Awesome job dude!


…and went to go join the trading CG in 63G Capricorni.

…and got interdicted and blown up with no warning whatsoever by a player. $2 million rebuy without the cargo.

I suddenly remember why I’ve spent so much time exploring. I really hate people.


I get role playing, yada yada…

Any CG is just going to be full of people who play the game more than you do who get jollies from blowing fish such as yourself out of the water with their Engineered A spec Clipper armed with space nukes. Solo Play is clearly the way to go here.


PvP built Vulture, which I think made it even worse. But yeah, I agree, why?


Vultures are evil.


Hey guys, a little off topic (or on topic) but if you enjoy some RP in E:D and like some storytelling, I’m back to writing down the in-game adventures of my character, James Barrett. There is quite a lot of stories here:

And the latest two, after a long (almost 6-month) break:

The awakening
…then there was darkness


I read “And then there was darkness”. Good stuff! If only Elite was half as interesting knuckle-draggers like me as it is for those more imaginative players who love it.

Lacking such imagination myself…As a project for 2018, I am thinking of becoming a pirate.


I’m about to take my first stab at engineering. Any pointers or things I need to keep in mind?


Yes, wait.
Soon there’ll be a revamp of how engineers work and it’s MUCH better.

Not simpler, not faster, better.


Thanks! Writing things that happen in game (the one you read is just a gap filler and justification why I wasn’t around in game for the last 6 months) add a completely new layer to the game for me. Had lots of fun with people who read the journal and got involved at different points… :slight_smile: anyways, hope to meet you in-game (once I am back at home and my gaming rig from 4th Jan onwards).



And now something about how things can go wrong… quickly :slight_smile:


Ooh me likey the new trade thing! also that chieftain vessel looks fun.


I was actually surprised by the new planetary graphics! I liked it before but now it’s masterful!



Sorry guys for spamming you here with the stories, but this one is pretty interesting - what you can do in-game with a bit of creativity and willing commanders :slight_smile: