Elite Dangerous Thread


Nice. I wonder if Xeniz ever got out? Or did he get timewarped to 1944 normandy in a Ka-50 :crazy_face:


I think the story will now evolve more on trying to find out what happened with Xeniz… he agreed to give me pointers every now and then depending what I do, so even I don’t know!

Hey, and why aren’t you worried what happened to James?!


He got his ass incarcerated and is rotting in a fed prison until he gets busted out by his revolutionary buddies?


I’ve started doing combat missions again, and holy crap, am I getting my butt handed to me on the regular. Assassinate a pirate leader in my Vulture? Surprise! He’s in a fully kitted Anaconda or Fer-de-Lance! Also, when did missiles get so crazy powerful and impossible to dodge again?

Also, any tips on outfitting ships for PvE combat? I’ve got my Vulture, my Clipper, and my Python in - system, with no engineering done on any of them.


Get friends, either players or system security, and kill things in the RES.


I’m doing assassinate missions, among others, to build up my faction reputations in Upsilon Aquarii to get the super high paying passenger missions.


Killing pirates in a res (bounty hunting), kill warrant scanning and claiming the bounties gives rep too depending on which faction the bounty is aligned.

Vulture is one of the best fighters going. Python isnt bad. Can pack a punch but isnt superb.

If you are sticking to the vulture and bounty hunting larger NPC’s, then make use of the vultures manoeuvrability.

I would A rate everything that gives you a manoeuvrability increase as well as distributor.

I would go gimballed lasers for pin pointing modules like the enemy powerplant. Lasers not best at armour and hull, but you can plink away at the modules whilst the shields are down. Lasers are good at wearing down shields.

Big blind spot on anacondas up close to the engines at the rear. With excellent thrusters and distributor, the vulture can be very elusive with flight control off.

The python can take down an anaconda, but the anaconda has better firepower and a surprising turn radius. Therefore a python can get stuck facing the full brunt of the condas aggression more easily, but that is offset by the pythons greater firepower over the vulture.


I concur, just got hands on a Vulture and did some hunting in RES yesterday against Dangerous / Deadly / Master / Elite opponents in Assault Ships, Pythons and Anacondas. I had a support of two system security Vipers, but largely held on my own against them using Vulture’s thrusters and keeping close to the enemy and behind them. I didn’t loose a single % of hull. And I generally suck at dogfights!


I keep forgetting that the enemies you face PvE are based on your own ship size.

Took the Vulture out and had much better luck.

Question for anybody with a Clipper: what are you even using it for these days? I love mine, but I don’t know what to do with her, as I’m burned out on mining.


OK, another question.

Skimmer kill missions.

Where in the blue blazes do you find the things???

I’ve been driving all over chasing my wave scanner like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick, and I’ve not found a single one anywhere. Seriously, is the payout so high because of associated impossibility/ frustration level of this mission type?


Paging @Bogusheadbox, resident skimmer whisperer and water diviner


Hangar ornament.


So yeah, sit down… this might take a while.
LOL, no it won’t.


Ok, the best way we have found which is very profitable as some missions will stack (killing one skimmer may count towards more than one contract if you have more than one contract or “stack” them.) is as follows.

As per @komemiute 's video, you could attack the base assigned. But we found you will get the penalty or fine for trespassing and on higher paid missions even security vessels. We found it best not to attack assigned base.

So this is what we do.

Fly to the base/planet assigned to be in general area. Then move away from base and search for POI’s (points of interest). IIRC poi’s show up on the scanner as a blue circle when you are above 2klm from the surface.

So fly around until you spot the blue circle

Try to put yourself roughly in the middle of the circle then land straight down. Look about as you head down as you may pick up a site with skimmers visually.

Get in rover and use wave scanner to find various areas that may be protected by skimmers. Just be warned though, some sites may have a ship somewhere near. Don’t attack the skimmers, if there is a landed ship nearby. It will attack you. Just move on to another site.

Each point of interest (blue circle) holds multiple sites. Usually a minimum of 4 and i have had up to 7-8 depending on how easy they are to find with wave scanner.

You must be inside a POI

Check out my wave scanner tutorial


Thanks, @Bogusheadbox!

I sorta ended up finding the base and killing skimmers there, but it was a Lawless area, so I guess that’s why I got no fines or bounty? And I learned that it’s actually possible to shoot the things down from your ship, if you’re low enough.


Skimmer missions are frustrating as hell just because of finding them. I gave up on them when I was still playing. That wave scanner mechanic needs some updating to make it more user friendly.


Rhino, check out my tutorial. I think the way they have implemented the wavescanner is very good.

Just have to understand what its telling you and you will be fine. The secret to the wave scanner is you MUST BE IN A POI

Because the wave scanner won’t pick up anything if there is nothing there.


Oh I get that. I just find it frustrating. Others don’t, it’s all good!


Yeah no problemo :slight_smile:


I completely missed this until I read your post above. Thanks!