Elite Dangerous Thread


HEY! It’s me. Remember me? Anyway, I’ve logged in some substantial E:D time over the last couple of days (I know, it’s not DCS, but I play what I play when I get the free time!), and I just wanted to share some YouTube magic w/ y’alls. I found this little gem of a channel while looking up other E:D related stuff. Funny stuff!


Ghost Giraffe :rofl:


Pop on TS next time, I’d Elite with you.


I should be free again this Sunday. I’ll jump on TS maybe noonish. Feel free to join me!


Is that EST or Zulu? Because I’m down.




I’ll see y’all Sunday. What system are you in?


I’m currently in SOL, but that’s only because that’s where I make the most $$$. I’m also at work, so I can’t look it up for correct spelling, but we mostly hang out at BRABOL (spell check!)? I’m just kinda grinding up for a PYTHON, so it’s been mostly passenger missions in my COBRA and some bounty hunting in my VIPER, with a sprinkle of trading when needed.



Specifically Skripotchka Station.

I’ve got a kitted out Vulture, and a precious newborn Python, all squishy and vulnerable.


BRABOL…BRANGLAL…so close! And yes, STRIP POKER STATION! It’s all coming back to me now…


Cool, I’ll deliver these Soontill Relics to Elvira and head that way. And I guess I can send all four of my ships there.

I’ve got my Asp set up for exploring still, a decently set up Vulture for running missions or fighting in, my Clipper that works for anything except apparently for fighting (got killed by two Asps a few nights ago), and a Python that I have no clue what to do with.


I’m FREE! Until dinner anyway. I’ll jump on TS shortly, but I’m gonna stay in SOL til the weekend so I can rank up and make some $$$. We can still wing up, for whatever it’s worth.


I’d love to join you, but work + punk concert tonight have me busy. Still down for Sunday.


Dancing tonight. I may be on during the day Saturday, depending on when it starts raining.


OK, all my ships are repositioned to Skribba-fibba-bo-bibba or whatever it’s called, in the Banglol system. I’m going to go cut a pineapple for the first time, and provided I still have fingers when I’m done, I’ll see y’all there.


Great time yesterday with @Brennus and @near_blind! Pictures coming later, after I convert them.


NO! You’ve got photographic evidence? I’m a trained professional, pictures LIE, everyone knows it!


Don’t worry, I didn’t get any of your expert driving, or @near_blind’s low altitude flying.


…and Skimmer missions have been removed, because some idiot posted the link to his YouTube video showing the exploit on the forums.


When did they remove that?


Within the last few hours.

This happened:

Then this happened.