Elite Dangerous Thread


I used her last night for some missions - the only downside is the Large size restriction that keeps her from being able to land at outposts.


They should really create an add-on slot for like a docking hatch type thing, and add that to the outposts, so that ships can just be used. Say restrict it so you can’t load / unload cargo, but you can refuel. Can’t buy a new ship either as there’s nowhere to keep the existing one, but ya.

Kinda lot of work for minimal use though. This is why I don’t design games.


I’m doing missions out of Upsilon Aquarii, getting my allied status higher for those passenger missions to Smeagol, and I’m getting really close to getting the scratch to afford an Anaconda while I’m at it. Which I would then use to run more passenger missions until Beyond drops, anyway.

Anybody out that way?


Is there any word on when this update is going to hit the standard game


Before the end of the month, is the rumor.


I’m not really sure what they’re adding here, hasn’t been much really since we first got planet (moons?) landings. I want to see walking around ships and atmospheric flight!!!


An overhaul to the crime and punishment system that will hopefully cut back on the power of trolls and griefers, a new way of doing engineering, and something with the economy I think?

And hopefully something to improve making money.


I think this can help!

I created this thread to keep up with the updates, hope it helps!


Thanks, I’d seen that though and had a go in the beta but they’re not really big changes imo? They’re touting it as a big update and it’s stuff ‘under the hood’ if I’m not mistaken?

Not that I have any idea how to make a game lol but I’m continually nonplussed after each update… maybe I’m missing something or that I don’t play a lot.


Eh, no- the changes are subtle but carry a heavy load… some of the Quality-of-Life improvement are massive.

Planetary graphics above all- but there’s so much more that it’s… a lot.


The one I am really looking forward to is the carrier’s and squadron stuff at the end of the year … Where you should be able to have bigger wings than 4 players


I must be missing it lol :thinking:


You can always destroy what you find and then get to main menu and load again, they should be back up. I personally don’t like this as it kills immersion, but it works!


I’m seriously considering selling my Python, as I find the ship boring and don’t really know what to do with it anyway. Plus, everything I want to do I think I can do with my Asp, Vulture, and Clipper, and I’d really like an Anaconda.


It is mainly good for having a decent cargo hold but not needing a large pad. It’s sort of the best slave / outpost money grinder for those morally repugnant wanting the money for an Anaconda. :slight_smile:


Is there good money in that? Asking for a friend…


It’s probably the most profitable A -> B -> C or A -> B cargo route there is in game on the Imperial side. You do have to make up some sort of complicated back-story about legal Imperial Slaves being indentured-but-willing servants on a temporary work contract, and all you are doing is helping them. :slight_smile:

A lot of places with the highest margins are Outposts on border space between Federation/Imperial systems, and the Python with its hold and medium pad capability sort of fits that niche.


I did this a good while back though, so not sure if nerf’d (as it made money, gotta nerf it etc) but it sort of fits the lore, i.e. not for everyone and very much ‘mid-game’ as you need a decent Python and range to start getting decent bucks.


Hmmmm. I’ll have to check that out tonight - currently doing things to start unlocking engineers.


I am repugnant. But still better than a kiwi :wink:

Frog is right. The python is a great jack of all trades and its the largest ship of that capability that can fit on outpost sized landing pads.

It does combat quite well as all its hardpoints can be brought to bear on a single target but you have to upgrade a lot its manoeuvrability. It has great cargo capacity and does well on ferrying passengers as well though its not the best jump range.

Its a hard choice. let us know what you do


Yeah, I was using her to ferry passengers in the Smeagol missions, but those were just nerfed, so…

Eh. I think I’ll put her in storage until I figure out what I want to do next.