Elite Dangerous Thread


TBH not sure if I understand the question…


Just reading through your earlier posts @Victork2
Never saw a response to @weaponz248 question: did you update the graphics card drivers?

Right now, I have invitations from Farseer, Martuuk and Todd McQuinn. I want to get some materials and then get G3 thrusters from Farseer, for which I will need to buy meta-alloys at Maia. Then I want to use the tons of nickel and sulphur that I will have got by then to visit Todd and get him to G3-4 to unlock Selene Jean.

Selene Jean requires you to mine 500 tons. My little brother has an Anaconda with ‘old’ mining equipment available.
Would it work for me to go multi-crew with him in his Anaconda and mine 500 tons, then get the invitation from Selene Jean after I level Todd to G4?


My fault entirely. Yes all graphics cards are up to date. I even went as far as to move my WHOLE steam library to an empty ssd just in case it was a hdd problem I think my next move will be to delete and re install WITHOUT the dlc key to see if I can run vanilla again without problems. Just haven’t had time to enact this stage of the plan.
Its an annoying glitch because the game actually runs like a dream despite it. Only it looks like the pilots been on an acid trip and really shouldn’t be in control of a spaceship


Are you planning on taking any of the new mining tools? Otherwise you may as well remove the pulse wave scanner.

FWIW here’s my current build:


It’s definitely not optimised for jump range, but rather a long range miner. I’ve tried to maintain capability for mining and some combat effectiveness, just in case. I am gonna be making a lot of jumps though :thinking:


Good question. I honestly can’t tell. I’d think no, but do a little test for 20 tons and see if the counter increases…


I guess I should just level Todd first, because I do not even have a counter yet …


I’ve packed a mining laser as a just-in-case, and because there may be a mining CG closer to Sag A* where it may come in handy.


@Navynuke99 if you only have a mining laser then you can remove the pulse wave analyser to save the power draw and weight - it won’t be much help.


Unless I’m spotting for others who are mining. Plus, I’m still practicing finding the good rocks anyway. :slight_smile:


Fair enough :grinning:

I took the Forty Niner out for a shakedown yesterday to see how all the downgrading (for jump range) has affected her. I might write a short AAR once I figure out how to pull the screenshots off my PS4. The short short version is that 2 hours, 4 fractured rocks, and 23 million credits later, I think she’s ready for DW2 :+1:


Yes, please post up an AAR. I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong when it comes to prospecting for breakable rocks.


I found this post really helpful:


Also, if you switch on night vision and do a close pass of a potential asteroid it is possible to see fissures and surface deposits before wasting a prospecting limpet. This saved me a lot of time.

Also this was helpful:


Question: I’m going to be doing some upgrades to the old computer and a clean reinstall of everything. When it comes to Elite and steam games in general. Do I have to back them up or are the saves in the cloud and a redownload of Steam will solve all my problems.


Elite Dangerous game saves are stored on their servers, and I think the only thing saved locally might be settings/control options in X:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options


Diggin Dan strikes again.

These were two hours well spent. You really have to pay attention where you sell. Prices at my home in LHS 20 were almost 80% lower and it’s only 8 ly away.



I have been playing with the mining system over the past week as a shakedown of my DW2 long range mining Krait (am still thinking of writing an AAR but RL is not leaving me with much time atm). It seems to me there is a certain element of chance whether there are any crackable rocks there. I have twice dropped in to bright stripes in a hotspot and found none at all (1 hour searching), then supercruised 2Mm or so away and hit 3 or 4 in a row. It feels like the motherlodes are not distributed evenly. So if you drop down in a good spot it’s easy to fill up the cargo hold quickly, but if not it can be rather frustrating.

Maybe. I may be wrong of course.


I’ll share some more screenshots later but I finally made it out to the system I picked to explore. The visual results alone have been worth the trip; it’s quite stunning.

And, by complete chance, the one I chose is filled with metal-rich planets and the first Earth-like world I’ve encountered.


I just heard a rumor that there will be a station with outfitting nearby to where the mining CG will be once we get closer to the core. Having heard that, I’m planning on dropping back to Jamison and making sure I have some freed up parts to send if that’s the case.

What’s your build look like?


I’m pretty much taking everything but the kitchen sink:


However I’ve got nearly 45 LYs out of her so I’m relatively happy :grinning: