Elite Dangerous Thread


Once, a bad planetary landing when I didn’t pay attention to the G-meter and hadn’t reactivated my shields.

The other time, a stray NPC Eagle in an uninhabited system 5-6 Asp jumps from the Bubble.


Is there always a crazy NPC pirate waiting? Just curious,


It seems directly inverse proportional to how much you don’t want one. :slight_smile:


Depends on how late at night it is when you’re on ypur way back in, and how many ELW first discoveries you have. It also didn’t help that I was still a jump or two away from where I would have raised my shields (my Asp had a terrible tendency to run hot at that time). I’d forgotten about that when I submitted the interdiction, planning to high wake out.


Damn, good thing my DBX runs cool with shields on line

So if i really really want one i should be ok :smile:


Yeah, ditto for my Phantom now that I’ve done some engineering.

Also as a protip: you can apply engineering upgrades to the stock hull of a ship and not take any mass penalty. It’s not a huge amount of extra protection, but it helps.


So what IS the fastest way to mine 500 tons?

The most lucrative is obviously core mining, but I guess that the other way that does not make you between 0.5 and 2 billion credits is faster?

I have never done mining before 3.3, only have experience with core mining


Homestly, if you’ve got an Anaconda or T-10, load it full of collector limpets and a couple of mining lasers, a 10-bin refinery, and strip mine for the most valuable metals that can be surface mined. Combined with missions, you can still make a good bit of scratch.


Someone reported that hitting a surface deposit with multiple Abrasion Blasters release one fragment per hit!

So-- one Abrasion Blaster? One fragment.
Five A.B.s? Five fragments!

Well, why the hell not?


Yeah, this is likely a bug that will be patched pretty soon


No reason not to … you know … make a little money on the side? :wink:


My understanding is yes you’ll get more chunks, but the overall yield isn’t necessarily larger. If I’ve been reading correctly.


Well… It looks like Someone has to test it!


Let me know what you find out- I’m settled in at Pallaeni with my DW2 ship waiting for the expedition start, and flying XP11 and DCS in the interim.


I was looking at getting a phantom to replace my cobra. Figured it would fit multi role nice. Never really thought to make it an explorer though


Thanks! I don’t have a big ship yet, but my little brother has an Anaconda and enough cash to outfit it for mining.
Does multi-crew add to engineer unlock requirements?

Also, I have not actually met and unlocked Todd yet, but figured that a couple SRV runs should get me a good way to G3-4 with just a lot of G1 materials.
So I was already thinking about Selene Jean, since I want the armour much more for a Diamondback Scout PvP build, which is my dream ship.


Jump range is comparable to my Asp, and there’s more space for anything you’d want to bring along. Here’s my current build, which I’ll admit isn’t the best-optimized for long-distance, but gave me some safety margin and flexibility. If I was going out solo, I’d rearrange a few things to get a couple more light years out of her.



No clue, honestly. The only multicrew I’ve done has been with the NPC pilot of my Krait Mk. II’s SLF. @komemiute?


I’m still having graphical issues. I’ve had no response from the ticket I put in. Tried various things to fix the issue but no dice.
I know the dlc was on offer and I got it very cheap but now its broken the game entirely for me. Very glad I didn’t pay full price. Such a shame as everyone looks like they are having a lot of fun lol!
I’ll keep trying on and off and if anyone hears or sees anything related to my issue I’d be grateful for any information :+1:


That’s too bad, Victor! Hope you get a response to your ticket soon and I will keep my eyes peeled