Elite Dangerous Thread


Holy mother of Bog there are some gobsmackingly gorgeous shots in there. You sir, are an artist and a gentleman for sharing them. Merci beaucoup.


My pleasure. I have to admit that ED is probably the best looking game I’ve ever played, and because of that I tend to get a bit screenshot happy :star_struck:


Oh man - beautiful shots there @HavlokUK - keep em coming!


Decided to give mining a shot, once I got past the learning curve it became quite productive.


Actually a large number of the trolls murder hoboes greifers PVP role players have been stalking the Distant Worlds 2 expedition since Pallaeni, and have been bragging about their very brave and skillful feats of killing every unarmed, unarmored explorer ship they can come across on the forums, Reddit, etc. Because, you know, they like a challenge or something. We’ll see if they keep following after the CG is done tomorrow, or just wait at the next CG at waypoint 7, but needless to say, thank goodness for the Fleetcomm player group.


DW2 - Travels of the Forty Niner, episode 3:

Upon arriving at Omega Mining Operation asteroid base I find directions to the rudimentary bar, which has been set up in a small excavated chamber at the opposite end of the dock from the slot. The ‘bar’ consists of a sheet of steel fixed atop a line of empty hydrogen fuel barrels, behind which sits a dock worker acting as barman. I strike up a conversation with him over my one permitted beer and find out that this chamber is earmarked to become a crew lounge later on in the construction. I finish my one permitted beer (rationing sucks) perched on an empty limpet crate staring at the rough hewn stone walls. All things considered, I’ve seen worse.

After light refreshments I head to the Universal Cartographics terminal sitting in an alcove across the walkway. I am pleased to find out that I have discovered a few new systems - my name is now in the Codex - yay me! :tada:

After that I get down to business. The Community Goal has gone live and it’s time to get to work. The powers that be have placed standing orders for as much Indite, Gallite, Cobalt and Praseodymium as possible, for future station building purposes. I remember a nearby system that I passed through on the way here with 4 ringed gas giants, so I load up on limpets and head over there.

Back in a bit, Omega Mining :wave:

I head to the first planet.

It has a broad metallic ring where I should be able to find Indite, Gallite, and Praseodymium in reasonable concentrations. This ring turns out to be so good that I just spend the next several days passing back and forth between it and the station, eventually bringing back 400+ tonnes of material. I think that deserves a montage - feel free to add your own soundtrack (personally, the ‘everybody needs a montage’ song from Team America is running through my head right now :smiley:)

Heading back after day 1.

If only I hadn’t removed my seismic charge launcher :roll_eyes:

My efforts do not go unrewarded.

After a few days our collective efforts have left their mark on the ring around Omega Mining asteroid base.

Heading to the second planet for a change of scene, I’m reminded just how big these rings are!

The nebula and supercluster provide a stunning backdrop as the limpets do their thing.

Flying debris from the mining lasers has taken it’s toll on the paintwork - I should probably get that touched up before leaving for the next waypoint. Or maybe not, she looks like a proper miner now :smiley:


A few more images of my own from my outbound trip:
Found a rocky metal world with some geysers, so I stopped off to do a bit of prospecting and top off some raw materials:

Arriving early-ish at Omega Mining (in case anybody needed repairs closer to this waypoint), and encountered a commander who wasn’t expecting all the traffic out this way:

Our home for the next week or so.

I also hit up my buddy at Universal Cartographics, and I’m rewarded with a slew of first discoveries. Payouts are definitely higher now with the new scanners.

With the Community Goal live, I head to my own system off the beaten path to start mining. There’s one a dozen light years away with a ringed water world close to the main star, and it seems to be empty of any traffic.
Descending into the ring:

And the handy collector limpets doing their thing.


I would say ‘small world’, but I guess ‘small galaxy’ is more appropriate.

Also, nice shots :heart_eyes:


Why thank you! I think you’re much better at the space photography than I am though.


What are you flying there, @Navynuke99 ? I want one! Probably expensive, too… I just started from scratch again and manage to get a Cobra Mk III after two rounds. It seems easier to make money in the game now… I remember how hard it was to get money for a cobra few years ago


That’s my Krait Phantom, named Above and Beyond. This is her in her current mining configuration, from the Distant Worlds 2 mining Community Goal that just finished:


And this is roughly what she has for layout when she’s in explorer/ hull seal outfit:


The ship goes for about 42 million out the door, not including new modules and engineering, so yeah, she’s kinda pricy.

If you have a taste for mining, the core mining gold rush is still on and is still a great way to make cash fast, and with a lot of the gankers chasing us right now, the bubble should be a little quieter in open for at least another couple of days.


I kinda want to get back into this game but I’m a complete newbie and it is starting to look a bit intimidating haha. Need to do my homework to figure out what’s what at some point.


I think I know what my next goal in the game is :grin:


Don’t feel intimidated, come and join in. There is a steep learning curve for some aspects of the game but it’s great fun. It is easier now for new starters than it has been in the past to work up to bigger ships and more fulfilling gameplay.

If you are worried about dealing with other players (and there are a small minority who will try to ruin your day just for the hell of it) then start out in solo mode until you find your feet. I did that, and only really embraced open mode for the DW2 expedition. I must say that all of the players I’ve come across so far in game have been really nice guys, and the little frisson of uncertainty about how they will react has added to the experience.


feel free to let us know when you’ll be in! I was able to help @Gunnyhighway get up to speed in just a couple of hours time, and even though I’m heading across the galaxy, there are others still in the bubble who would be more than happy to help!


Much appreciated. It was really the kick in the right direction to get me going in the game. @Bearhedge dont be afraid to ask for help.


Its the little things that tend to leave me awe while playing ED sometimes.


@HavlokUK are you aware that there is a “Distant Ganks 2” in parallel to DW2 with all the gankers who are trying to kill explorers as far out as possible?
When you get shot out in the black, you respawn at I think the latest station you have visited and lose all your exploration data.

Unless your ship has a lot of G5 engineered shields, shield boosters and armour, do NOT fly DW2 in Open. If they find you, you do not stand a chance unless your ship was specifically engineered against player attacks.


Yeah, I have used, and plan to continue using, allcrowsareblack’s PS4 DW2 private group whenever I’m far from a station. But for this first leg I’ve also been using open mode at other times, and whilst mining. Maybe I’ve been lucky so far but it has been a good experience.


I’m gonna have to decline this one…