Elite Dangerous Thread


Lol how far was that? only 20K LY to go with holdfull of :poop:


Even then it likely won’t be enough, which is why the “explorers need to sacrifice utility/ range/ flexibility because the universe is dangerous” arguments are complete and utter BS. My Python has G5 reinforced A-rated shields, two boosters, and a reinforced hull, and two shots from a PVP-rated Krait were enough to send me to the rebuy screen while I waited for my drive to charge for a high wake.

Frontier just needs to do something substantive to deal with the trolls, plain and simple. In the meantime, Fleetcomm is life.


Some random shots during my first trip into the Pleiades. Some Farseer lady wanted to talk to me, but would only talk if I made a “Donation”. :roll_eyes:



So worth it though for the boost in jump range.


Agreed, I don’t quite fully understand applying upgrades to components, I have some reading to do, but after some fooling I was able to get a couple more LYs of jump range out of my FSD. Needless to say after some reading and garthering of materials, I’ll be back. :grin:




Best resource out there.


Back to elite after 2 year break.

Still same wide sea with 2cm deep :smiley:

BUT one thing is over all : Virtual reality.

Immersion and visuals are maybe best ever in VR games. So awesome views, and runs really great in odyssey :slight_smile:

Im hooked again, deleted my old save and now its back to sidewinder and new story.

Lots of good things vs last time i played so i think that i dont have time to dcs anytime soon.

VR in Elite is awesome, really.

-edit- and i only play in open. Without open things are super dull for me. In open there is tiny chance to see other humans out there and usally i get good talk. Sometimes its space killer and thats fine too. :slight_smile:


My progress with the long neglected engineers is steady. Next step is to unlock Prof. Palin. I need to travel 5000 ly. The longest trip I had until now was 300 ly. I never left the bubble. :worried:

I had my AspEx Soarin Susan engineered to almost 50 ly laden jumprange and equipped her with two AFMU, a tier 6 fuel scoop, an additional fuel tank, a vehicle hangar and a surface scanner. I put heatsinks on all four utility slots and think I’m ready to leave.

I’m planning on visiting Betelgeuse and VY Canis Majoris and then follow my nose until I receive the unlock message.

Any final advise? :slight_smile:


Never forget to throttle down before you jump.

Never leave your chair when you’re fuel scooping.

Always check the planet’s gravity in the system map before you enter orbital cruise.

Bring shields on your ship, just in case. They don’t have to be the most reinforced, or the biggest, but you’ll want them, for those occasional bumps and bruises.

Pay attention to the upper right corner as you’re about to jump, the place where they give you info on the system you’re about to jump to. Good to know what kind of star you’re going to get next.

I think that should cover most everything… Have fun out there!


Check my Father’s memorial in Pollux. (Commander Tony Pox or Topox)
Just in case you don’t know where to travel to…

It caused quite a stir back in the day… :slight_smile:

I think my father would have had quite a laugh, had he known.


I wouldn’t bother with the additional fuel tank - just set the route plotter to only use scoopable stars (KGBFOAM). Also, you can synthesize heatsinks on the way so there’s no real need for 4 of them. And I would take an SRV hanger in case you find any interesting planets to explore.


This. Also, in my 160,000+ light years of exploring I’ve never actually used my heat sinks.

This too. Really, unless you’re hopping across a neutron field, you’re unlikely to need the extra tank, and it’s limiting your top end jump range a little bit.

Also, don’t forget to bind your data link scanner and composition scanner to fire groups. You’ll likely come across things worth scanning, and the codex data can be worth a little extra money as well (I’ll cover that in an upcoming post on my DW2 progress).


That was your dad? Wow, I remember when that was discovered. That’s really awesome.


Yeah… it was a funny thing.
He’s posthumously more famous in Elite than I’ll ever be in life.

PS: Just in case I can prove I’m not stealing any honour here- I have all the e-mail back-and-forth with Frontier support to see if I could get a “Point of Interest” in game as I’d already seen.

He died September 21st 2017- so it took them to wait for a Server update to add his memorial.

This is the very nice narrative Frontier support wrote about his game time.

At the question “why that message” at his listening post, it’s fairly simple.
He loved France and WWII- his father stories about his war time were a constant…

One of the last trips he made was just the two of us in Normandy.


After that, he would never quit talking about that vacation together.
He loved “The longest day” and I think I never listened to just the movie once.
He was always telling me all this anecdotes about the movie, actors, real events and so on.

I thought he’d like to be associated with the beginning of Europe’s liberation.


Thanks guys. Great advice.

Oh what a story. I will do that and have a salute beer when I’m there.


This is all really, really beautiful, man.


Sadly our story is far more convoluted and complicated and I’m not too proud of how it ended.
His memorial is both a kind act and a cathartic mean for me to exorcise our demons.

But this is getting way too Off Topic.


@komemiute my dad died when I was 16 and your story made me well up.

Beautiful. Such a lovely story mate.


Just want to throw out there that the new mining mechanics are pretty fun/satisfying. Also make tons of money relatively quickly. Making about 30-50 million credits in an hour.