Elite Dangerous Thread


Add me if you want: CMDR Jack Wagon Jr.


Next time I’m on ill give you an add. My in game handle is CMDR SpecterX89.


I should be in tonight, provided I don’t have anything that Dr. Girlfriend says we need to do. Need to catch up to the rest of the DW2 fleet (I’m a full waypoint behind now).


I’m in a similar situation - about 4000 LYs behind the fleet. I’ve been playing catch up since waypoint 3 was announced - real life getting in the way. I will post an abridged AAR when i get the time.


Speaking of abridged AAR’s…

Before I forget too much about what I’ve seen and documented so far, here’s a bit of my adventures thus far.

If I remember right, when last I left off, I was taking part in the Mining CG, 3 or more weeks ago. After that ended, it was time to say goodbye to Omega Mining and continue on our way.

A short distance down the road, I found my first biological signals since heading into the black. This little guy was previously undiscovered in this sector, I believe:

Traveling a bit further along at the Langrange point netted another couple of discoveries as well:

Heading to the next waypoint, I stopped at the Arkgamanon Mountain Range to enjoy the view and play around a little bit:

A seriously stunning view, and the mountains are impressive!

A quick stop in at Eagle’s Landing to sell some exploration data, then my own bookmarks reminded me that I had a lot of unmapped water and Earth-like worlds in this region, from my first travels a few years ago:

More of my legacy secured, it was time to check out the Abandoned Conflux Settlements. This is some of my favorite part of the lore - for anybody interested, I highly recommend Drew Wagar’s books, which was where this came from originally. Pity he’s stepped away from helping with additional lore development in game.


Comms Beacon in Beta’s system:

The Beta site:

Gamma: (I think?)

and Delta. Stumbled upon another DW2-er who was also desperately trying to catch up to the fleet.

…and back out, now a full week behind. Stupid real life.


Nice shots. I had trouble with the gamma base - found the beacons ok but the base didn’t show up even after i scanned the planet. I gave up pretty quickly though because I too was a long way behind.


I used the DSS to map the surfaces, but that one still didn’t pop up until I was basically in orbital cruise.





Heh, almost looks like a Tiberium node…


Money can’t buy happiness, but it will buy a big ass ship!



So what are you planning on doing with yours? Mine is still sitting docked after being flown a grand total of maybe 5 jumps, because I don’t know what I want to do with her.


So basically I’ve been using it as an all-rounder, mission running and stuff. It’s outfitted for almost anything combat, cargo, a SLF and an SRV, and has a jump range of 30ly. I could still drop in a refinery and a prospector and mine with it too. I’m in the process of engineering it up, and it’s an all around great ship. Would probably be more effective if I specialized in one area, but I’m not sure where it would fit best.

Nice change up of play style from the Freedom dispenser.


Well, I’ve fired up ED and flown out of the station. That’s about as much as I can remember how to do. Lost in space :smiley:

I’ll try to fumble around the controls a bit more and might ask you guys what’s a good way to get started from there :slight_smile:


From what I heard, blasting roids is what all the cool kids do these days.

Back when I was a nugget in a cobra, it was running rare goods.

Stealing kills from the po-po in a belt is always a sure shot.


I can show you how to do core mining if you want. A great way to make a ton of money until you figure out what kind of play style you enjoy the most.


Sounds good. Can I do that stuff with the Cobra or do I need a bigger boat? :slight_smile:


Also - I got some wheels! Exciting! :smiley:


Cobra Mk.III can nearly perform any task.
It may lack some cargo space but that’s what wingman come in handy for.


Cobra will be fine to start. After you make one run, you will have enough money to buy a larger ship so you can haul more at a time. One asteroid generally yields about 15 void opals, so make sure you get at least 15 tons of cargo space. The opals then sell for 1.6 mil a piece, so one short trip will yield over 20 million.

I’ve enjoyed mining in the python the most. Has enough slots to hold all the mining equipment and about 160tons of cargo space.


I’ll be around this afternoon if you want to get on. Shoot me a message or just post what time is good for you.