Elite Dangerous Thread


I agree 150% , its finally least one thing that wont fell so grind or booring.

Personally i like what i seen this far, elite is getting gameplay things finally :slight_smile:

Now if they only fix open (so that noob killers etc would be somehow in control) , that would be really nice. Maybe in patch 4.0 :slight_smile:


Dude, this fight has been raging on since the game launched. Best advice is to look at joining one of the private groups, like Mobius or Fleetcomm until something substantive is done, if it ever is. Long story short, as long as there’s an internet, there are gonna be lonely, angry children out there who will only want to screw it up for the rest of us.

However, I will point out the suggestion that ObsidianAnt made yesterday in a video. I think he’s on to something here:


I don’t always agree with him, but when I do it’s literally everytime.
*interesting guy meme *


I know , elite since it first relased.

Still i think that lots can do.

And even now i find it quite nice to play in open.




My first stop was Betelgeuse. It’s a huge star with a nice lava world which orbit is well inside fuel scope range.

I then continued to an even bigger star (check out the range):

I’m now continuing without a destination towards the Outer Orion Spur…


What are your guys thoughts on the best mining ship?

I’ve been running a python, plenty of cargo space, still pretty maneuverable and a reasonable jump range.

What do y’all prefer?


I had a blast doing it in my iClipper, though I bought her when they had the temporary sale that did away with Imperial ranks a number of years ago. Crazy fast, super maneuverable, but depending on the type of mining you want to do, you could end up lacking in available hardpoints (2 large, 2 medium).

How ya liking the T10 so far? I’ve heard she’s very, very popular for mining.


I haven’t tried mining in t-10 yet, I bought it to be a battle fortess bringing freedom across the galaxy. The USNS Extreme Freedom remains docked near @boomerang10 ‘s void opal honey hole. Except for that time the turrets wouldn’t fire and I forgot to hire a crew member to fly the fighters, she’s doing great!


Come to think of it the maiden voyage was very reminiscent of the San Antonio class ships…


I avoid open like shark infested waters and I’m covered in baby seals…

When I first started the game I went in there and was randomly killed.


later when I had a better ship, I tried again and was killed by teams of other players who apparently thought it was funny to jump on noobs.

So I went on private groups where that stuff gets you banned.


Well i played bit solo and lot in big group but still im always back to open.

Feel of danger is more real.

And im not yet killed in my sidewinder (new game), i meet only nice people so far.

But like in my old save, its always better to be ready to run or fight.


“Scan Detected”

Deploy the fighter boys, someone is in need of Democracy!!!


Lol coming from an inhabitant of a two-party state where the choice is capitalist right or very capitalist right smack! No politics, bad schurem!


What system are you based in? Sounds like the USNS Extreme Freedom may need to be redirected.


Also FYI engineering the FSD to grade 5 is worth it. Doubles the jump range.


And don’t forget the Mass Manager experimental for anything over class 3.


Running around picking up engineer materials, pretty cool backdrop

USNS Extreme Freedom on the prowl

I’ve been making ridiculous amounts of money mining, thought I would share a few tips that will guarantee 100+mil credits an hour. First look for the 'roids that are this shade of yellow, and this exact shape.

Here it is closer, I’ve only seen rocks this shape that have a core.
Might be others, but this is the only one I ever see in the ice rings.

Before you fire a prospector, you can verify it will have a core by locating these fissures and cracks. They are generally in the same few spots each time, and look like this. You can turn on night vision to see them from further away and then verify with the headlights.
Heres another. Slightly different yellow shade, but the shape gives it away. And another… Heres the correct shape, but no cracks, so you know it doesnt have a core. This one did not light up on the pulse wave scan, just proving that not every rock this shape has a core. And the payoff. 106+ mil credits for about 55 mins of playing.


Also, if anyone is interested in getting started, or needs some cash to get rolling, meet me out here with an empty cargo rack and I’ll fill it up for you. Void Opals sell for 1.6 mil each. @Navynuke99 gave me some minerals a few weeks ago to get me rolling and that was the kick in the right direction I needed to enjoy the game.


Core mining for void opals is the bees knees. I discovered it about a month-ish back and it is now my primary source of income, and I find it fun to boot. It definitely re-kindled my interest in the game and I’ve really come to enjoy it.

P.S. Love the name of your Krait Mk 2.