Elite Dangerous Thread


I’m on the hunt for one tonight! Been looking forward to this for a while…
Call me miserable but being on a planet without another soul on it is so enticing.


Knowing where you’re at at the mo’, I understand and know the feeling lol.


It still hasn’t happened! Been a tough few days lol


It is huge. To make it a bit more bearable, you can supercruise at hundreds of times the speed of light when you’re moving within a system (you know, mere lightseconds between celestial objects) and even faster when you jump between systems.


Well I’ll be darned. That was the result of one stumbling learning session with the Cobra that barely has the cargo space. Not half bad! Thanks for putting me in the right direction, @Gunnyhighway ! Awesome!


■■■■ man you got it now. Congrats!


You can invest some of that in an asp explorer or something, and start making big bucks…


Certainly. The market mechanics seem a bit nuts (average selling price 0.182m, max price almost tenfold that…) but I’m not complaining!


Yes. Usually there is a station at 1.6 mil reasonably close, like you found. It seemed a little too good to be true, so I went all in and got maybe a billion or so over the last couple weeks. Have fun dude and get rich!!!


Hehe cheers man! I don’t know how the E:D developers work, it does seem like something that would get nerfed…but then it isn’t a direct player driven market (as far as I know you don’t buy stuff from players) so even if some people get filthy rich quick it wouldn’t matter too much I guess.


That makes the 350k i made tonight look extremely weak! Well done @Bearhedge ill be after a loan from you soon. :joy::joy:


One… “Immersive” way to make money is actually to “get famous” somewhere.
The longer you stick around in a place, the higher your paycheck will be for similar missions.
The difficulty will not ramp up dramatically.

Also there will be the chance for chained missions that actually resemble some sort of mini-story.

Worth it. :slight_smile:


That’s true! That’s how I made the money for the mining equipment - I’ve been flying missions around the same half a dozen systems for a little while and now get delivery and passenger transport missions around $300k-$500k with a bit of luck, so making $1m or two in an evening is reasonably painless. I’m sure doing more would yield higher but that’s already better than where I started. :slight_smile:


Just went shoe shopping…


And straight back to the ranch!


So, um. I’ve made 48m credits in that one Asp run - and that wasn’t even a full run, just a couple of asteroids. This is crazy.


Wow! I’m definitely getting my sorry little adder equipped to mine. I was sort of gearing up to just wander around and make a few bucks as I go but I think maybe a more organised approach like your doing would reap benefits.
your asp looks awesome! I’m very jealous :joy:


Actually… it isn’t. Mining being absolutely mad money is the only way for the constant carnage in resource extraction zones to make even the slightest hint of sense.


Yes, let the greed consume you. Every void opal rock must die! I can see how having the opals would be an enticing target for a pirate. Even if only a few dropped off your dead body, you could get money nearly as quickly as the miner themselves.


When I get back to the Bubble, I may pick up a Clipper or Cutter to turn into a pirate ship. Just to keep y’all on your toes.



Guess I better keep the systems I mine in under wraps and make sure I load up some extra goodies… :grin: