Elite Dangerous Thread


Haha mining spots do feel a bit like mushrooming spots or fishing spots - carefully guarded secrets that go from father to son :grin:


I want to say “go wander around and don’t worry about the big coin, do what is fun” as that’s what I used to do in X-Universe a lot…but actually the mining mechanics are quite fun gameplay-wise, more dynamic than mission running.

Also - making the trip back to a high premium sell-off system with a belly full of goodies is quite exciting as I think there is almost a certain coded-in chance of a pirate trying to yank you out of supercruise.

I was frantically following the escape vector like it was a good guns fight in DCS on the way back from that first Asp run when I got attacked - I barely had enough credits for insurance after equipping it so the void opals in the cargo were very precious :sweat_smile:


…and the next thing I knew, I had spent 20 years in the Navy. :roll_eyes:


I’ve got few locations I just fancy meandering towards. Shortish trips at first but I’m definitely gonna need a bit longer legs than I have at the moment
one thing that made me chuckle was (I know you need permits etc) I thought I could go to sol first of all to test out my legs on a long journey and then burst out laughing at the fact I have this entire 1 to 1 galaxy to explore and the very first time thing I look into planning was a bloody trip home!
Im gonna carry on and see what happens. But I do really like that Asp so that’s quite high on my list


C’mon…a little detour to an icy ring never hurt anyone…you don’t want to miss out while the going is good…a little bit of silver to line the pocketss… :japanese_goblin:


Decided to set out to get materials for the Guardian FSD booster. During a fuel stop, happened to notice something as I was scanning the system:

My first encounter and by complete chance.

Next up:


Heh, that mining business sure is profitable. I’ve been popping void opals, alexandrite and grandidierite in ice rings, just a casual 2-5 asteroids per session. Starting to feel like I don’t have to worry too much about going bankrupt if I get shot down.


Takes a little pressure off of being careful. I’ve probably seen the rebuy screen in the Anaconda 4 or 5 times now. I just thought oh well that’s one asteroid to crack to get it back. I also enjoy having the cash to try out any ship and module. Favorite so far:

Exploring: DBX jump range is about 60ly when engineered with an SRV.

Mining: Python. Tons of optional internal space and still maneuverable. Also has 3 extra hard points for self defense.

Combat/Multirole: Anaconda has been a lot of fun, fits my play style. Still need to try a couple out in this role. Am enjoying the fighter bay and SRV in one package. Makes for a great all-rounder

Doinking ships in the mail slot: Type 10


That’s an interesting list of preferred ships. I chose different ones for each role - I guess we must have different play styles:

Exploration: Asp Explorer - can jump almost as far but with a bunch of extra modules, and the view from the cockpit is outstanding

Mining: I use the Krait Mk II - sacrifices a module slot to the python but the handling is superior, which makes squeezing into a cracked roid a little bit easier. Also, the view from the cockpit again.

Multirole/combat: I have found there is very little the Cobra Mk 3 cannot do (although on a smaller scale) and I still keep mine around for odd missions or a spot of combat. I have yet to try the Anaconda - waiting until I get back from DW2.


I used the krait mk II for mining as well and I did enjoy it, and really it may be more practical. I just like filling up 160 tons of void opals and going to market…

I say the krait or even an aspx is more practical because unless you want to spend over an hour mining, you realistically won’t get 160 tons of opals in one sitting, meaning when you come back you will inevitably be jumped by pirates. So for a marathon mining session, python wins. Otherwise I’d be better off with the krait. Also like the kraits fighter bay.


Yeah, but I need the 160 tons of capacity for all the limpets I end up firing at the wrong kinds of rocks over and over again.


I’m loving the AspX for the view and the 96-ton capacity I have it fitted out at…but greed is tugging at me for an upgrade, haha.

So it seems Python and the Krait(s) are the most popular contenders for the best core mining ships.

How does the Krait’s handling and visibility compare to the AspX?


Krait is significantly faster and more nimble, especially on thrusters. Visibility isn’t quite as good as the AspX, especially with the low-slung cockpit, but it is kinda cool being able to look up and to the sides and see those big hardpoints deploy and weapons fire.


I’m offering a competitive (for me :rofl:) trade in scheme against a barely used adder. Included in the deal are 500 ‘Victor points’ which can be redeemed at almost any high St or reputable online store.
1 time offer today only!



Man meet me at the asteroid field and scoop up 6 or 7 tons of opals, I’ll jettison them for you. Then you will be hooked…


I wouldn’t take that if I were you vic, those hardscrabble first few million are so much fun in elite! The game is never as big and real and full of potential as it is right at the beginning.


Hey man steppin on my turf ain’t acceptable. How else am I supposed to get new junkies I mean clients?


First hit is free!


*whispers… * "hey man… You got any… You know…opal…shhhhh! If your a cop you gotta tell me right…


@schurem I reckon you’re right aye. I’m glad that the mining profits exist because otherwise I wouldn’t have the time to really make progress to ever get a capital ship…but it’s the hard-earned first credits that are the most fun.

I used to play an old sci-fi MMO called Anarchy Online and if I started a new character I often made all the money from scratch (again) rather than transfer funds as scraping through the early game in many ways was the most enjoyable.