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but going out into the void … might be a bit dodgy now if the thargoids are coming …


So far they seem to be hanging in the Pleiades, though the Formidine Rift may also get dangerous… But aren’t the Children of Raxxla still patrolling there?


2.4 Released

Greetings Commanders,

Today we have released update 2.4, The Return. We expect the servers to be down for approximately 9 hours. As usual with these updates, this amount of time could be longer than expected… we’ll keep you up to date with the server status throughout the day. See our social media channels for regular updates. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the downtime - thanks for your patience!

The update to your client will be around 7 GB.

Additionally, we’ve pushed out a mandatory update to the patch/updater client. You’ll need to get this updated patcher before you will be able to download the update.

And finally, here’s the changelog:

New Content & Features (Horizons)

Added mysterious and exciting things...
Holo-Me Save Slots - We have added save slots for different Commander appearances in the Holo-Me system
Holo-Me: Added 12 new hairstyles
Holo-Me: Added slots for Eyewear and Outfits
Synthesis can now create heat sinks, chaff, limpets and top up life support
Additional planetary bases added to the Colonia region for migration winners
Added mysterious locations we're not going to tell you about...

New Content & Features (Non-Horizons)

Added more mysterious and exciting things...
Ship Rebuy Penalty – When a player commits the crime of murder (PvP only), an additional cost is added if they swap to a less expensive ship before paying legal costs during the rebuy flow
    Exemption for valid Powerplay PvP
Pilot’s Federation Bounty – When a player commits the crime of murder (PvP only), they receive an additional Pilot's Federation Bounty. This bounty is valid in every jurisdiction except anarchies
    Exemption for valid Powerplay PvP
Inbox Revamp - Various quality of life improvements and a new look
New Chained Missions - Which can be longer than two steps
Hull/Canopy Repair Limpet controllers are now available
Preview game extras in outfitting - You will now be able to preview paint jobs and other game extras available for purchase
Stored ships can now be sold from the rebuy screen to cover the rebuy cost
Updated route plotting system:
    maximum route plotting range is now 20Kly
    route plotting is much faster
    there is now an option to make use of neutron star boost when plotting routes
    an icon is displayed on the route to show the last scoopable star before running out of fuel
Additional NPC stations added to support infrastructure and trade routes in Colonia region
Star systems renamed based on Colonia migration winners
Additional space stations added to Pleiades region to support civilian expansion narrative
Added search and rescue contacts to stations across the galaxy
New and improved salvage scenarios added to support search and rescue gameplay
Made salvage commodities legal to pick up from wreck sites (will still appear illegal if dropped by ships as that is not salvage)
Added more mysterious locations we're not going to tell you about...

Fixes and Improvements

Audio Fixes and Improvements

Fixed some missing landing pad audio
Fixed other player's ships being nearly silent when close to planet's surface
Fixed ship engines sounding strange when loading into another player's ship in Supercruise in Multi-crew
Fixed System and Planetary Map surface ambiance audio not working
Ensured that exploration music does not play when near a Planetary Port
Fixed an issue where the "Shields offline" audio played after every jump when shields were turned off
Fixed the vessel voice temperature warnings not working in Supercruise
Mysterious audio for mysterious things.....


Fixed a responsiveness issue that could occur when using the D-Pad of a controller on the galaxy map
Fixed an issue where the driving mode switches were not bound in the Classic Context controls preset
Added default bindings for the vanity camera switch views for keyboard and mouse control scheme

Companion API

/market now uses the correct commodity names and will include prices for legal commodities in the current ship's cargobay that are neither produced nor consumed at the current station
Calling /market with rare commodities in the cargobay will now produce the correct sale price for them in game
/profile now uses the correct galaxy state for controlling Factions and Superpowers, and uses the correct names for some modules, recipes and customisations
/profile now includes Fighters, SRVs, Name and ID of ships
/profile now includes most modifications of the current ship's modules, with a few exceptions:
    Ship armour, hull reinforcements, shield generators and shield boosters return their absolute values for the resistance modifiers, not just the engineer modifiers
    Modifications to weapon burst size do not automatically affect clip size
    Burst size and burst rate overrides do not report their consequences for attributes like damage per second
    Special modifiers are listed, but are not broken down into their effects


Added default bindings for useful Multi-crew functions for the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS range


Fixed the 'Waiting for Players' and 'Starting Game' text that was obscured on the Elevate map
Fixed a UI issue whereby many weapons were incorrectly displaying the 'gimballed' icon on the HUD


Engineers should no longer distort influence % displayed for the other factions in that starsystem


Encourage factions to not expand into starsystems that require permits
Factions that fail to expand from a starsystem after an Investment state has boosted their expansion range will no longer try to expand from that starsystem in the future
Factions that retreat from a starsystem will subsequently treat that starsystem as a low priority when choosing an expansion target


Restored the missing descriptions for the GU-97 and Taipan Fighter when viewing their details via the Roles panel

Galaxy Map/System Map

Updated some textures in the System Map to reduce memory usage (without reducing the quality)
Fixed an issue whereby you would not get a failed message when plotting an economical route
Fixed an issue with how the Gemini Constellation was being drawn on the Galaxy Map
Corrected an issue whereby the completed mission indicators were not updating correctly on the System Map
Fixed an issue where ships that have been transferred were not displayed at the correct location on the Galaxy Map after logging out
Corrected the colour of the Metals trade routes shown on the map to match the colour shown in the legend bar
Fixed an issue whereby the System Map popup auto minimised when using a control pad
Tweaked the route progress bar to show when updating route options
Fixed an issue that caused route plotting to plot a route twice if you have neutron star boost turned upon starting a new game session
Fixed an issue whereby long range route plotting failed to update route target after 1000 ly jumped

General Fixes & Tweaks

Brazilian Portuguese language translation is now available (A special thanks to our volunteer localisation testers has also been added to the credits)
Fixed datestamps on inbox messages
Various text fixes
Various localisation fixes
Added some mysterious things which get unveiled over time...

Holo-Me Creator

The Escape key will no longer exit the Holo-Me system
Fixed a rendering issue that could occur when a Commander's hair overlaid certain environmental fog effects
Fixed the 'Grime' facepaint not being very visible when applied in the white colour option
Corrected the order for some of the female skin tones for the smooth complexion head type
Fixed an issue whereby the 'Full 02' mouth shape was also incorrectly adjusting the jaw size
Fixed issue whereby players could apply rank decals to their flight suits for ranks they have not yet obtained
Fixed an issue where the Holo-Me screen was not focusing on the face when editing the "Complexion" tab
Fixed the save prompt appearing when no changes had been made to your Commander
Fixed an issue whereby the 'Loading Commanders' notification would display indefinitely after changing you Commander's gender
When changing the Commander's gender after previewing or equipping a suit, the suit will now transition properly rather than resetting


Add distance from starsystem entry to mission destinations
Ship kills, and actions to complete planetary hack and disable missions will now only contribute to a single mission, this will be the earliest mission accepted
Refactored mission selection to promote a wider selection of missions on a single board.
Refactored mission selection to promote a better spread of missions across factions
Refactored mission selection to heavily promote selection of conflict missions for both sides involved
Refactored mission selection to more reliably generate permit, engineer, and rank missions at eligible stations.
Slightly rebalanced micro resource reward selection probabilities
Added an inbox message when passengers alight from the ship
Follow-on missions can include more data about previous missions in the chain
Added support for missions allocating additional rewards based on station distance from the jump-in point
Optimisations to how system data caching for secondary sites is stored and requested
Significantly improve mission board loading, especially for those on high-latency networks
Fixed message text when trying to accept missions past the mission limit (No longer says "... of this type" when it means total missions)
Fixed passengers on tourism missions not realising the player hadn't gone to the right beacon when on multiple-site trips
Fixed localisation text for certain parts of Ram Tah's ruins mission in languages other than english
Fixed an issue whereby missions could still be locked even if you met the minimum reputation requirements
Fixed some over-inflated mission rewards
Increased the chance of in-space chain missions spawning
For ship kill missions, the mission giver is considered when deciding if a kill should count. This allows for some mission stacking, but only when missions are from different factions
Fixed issue whereby courier missions were only spawning at Elite rank
Fixed an issue where legal massacre missions were not displaying the mission title in the inbox message after completion
Increased the time limit for long distance missions
Chain mission inbox messages now better indicate the name and known station of the mission giver
Fixed an issue where the same assassination target could appear in a later chain mission or other mission board missions
Fixed an issue whereby location information was not displaying correctly for assassination Chain missions that occurred after an altruism mission
Fixed some string text that appeared in a chain mission's historical data
Fixed an issue whereby Chain missions could persist after deleting your save
Reduced the amount of Long Distance missions that will generate
Multiple Planetary Scan missions will no longer complete after a single scan
We now include the faction and station name in chain mission inbox messages


Fixed an issue where if a crew member joined a helm docked in the hangar, the crew would appear docked on the surface while the helm stayed in the hangar
Fixed the Multi-crew power distribution pips being reset during Hyperspace and Supercruise transitions
Fixed holograms on a Fighter's HUD disappearing during Multi-crew
Fixed missile lock audio not working correctly in Multi-crew
Fixed an issue where the gunner role has less range when using scanners than the helm role has
Fixed an issue where the menu could become locked when quickly attempting to access the Mult-Crew Options (top left panel) during MultiCrew as non-helm role
Added a default binding for the multicrew mode switch when using the mouse and keyboard control scheme, the key is Tab
Fixed an issue where the holograms on a Fighter's HUD disappear during a Multi-Crew session
Made some tweaks so Mutli-crew gunners in the third-person view can no longer automatically target their own launched projectiles
Implemented a fix for crew members not always collecting exploration data when scanning a navbeacon


Re-enabled UPnP by default in the AppConfig
Improvements made to prevent network disconnections in poor network traffic conditions


Fixed an issue whereby forgetful Military NPCs could sometimes have left their weapons at home
Shooting a capital ship in a scenario where they are the bad guys no longer lands you with a bounty on your head
Trigger-happy NPCs will now only shoot missiles once the target's shields have dropped
Fixed the falling skimmer issue that could occur on planet surfaces
Fix for capital ship movement issues


Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from selecting stored modules in Outfitting
Fixed an issue where livery items would not appear the first time they are clicked upon
Various outfitting items have had their descriptions fixed
Fixed an issue where Bobbleheads were not appearing in the Livery section
Fixed an issue where clicking "remove" on a decal slot when no decal was fitted caused the menu to stop responding
Vehicle/Fighter sub slots are no longer displayed when transferring an optional internal module from stored modules
Fixed an issue whereby ship kits would not preview correctly after quickly switching module slots
Fixed an issue whereby when purchasing one or more class 6 planetary vehicle hangers, the class was not correctly detailed for the vehicle slots contained within it
Fixed an issue where some ship nameplates were incorrectly displaying the ship ID

Player Journal

Added "Luminosity" property to "Scan" event for a Star
Added "MissionRedirected" event
Added "SearchAndRescue" event
Added "SellShipOnRebuy" event
Include Latitude and Longitude info in Screenshot event if appropriate
Include transfer time to FetchRemoteModule
Include info about online friends at startup
The 'Scan" event is generated for all bodies in a system, when scanning a navigation Beacon
Added "RepairDrone" event
Added "Music" event
Population statistic now included in the system info on 'FSDJump'
included info about StationServices available when docking at a station
Info about all bodies in the system added when scanning a Nav Beacon. If you have a Detailed Surface Scanner installed, this will include detailed info (such as materials available on landable bodies)
Included 'TransferTime' property in 'ShipyardTransfer' event
Added mission name to player journal for mission redirect message journal entries
Fixed an issue whereby Nav Beacons needed to be scanned twice for correct journal entries


Fixed a macOS specific issue with asteroid decals having bright textures when mining
Fixed a macOS specific issue that saw station lights rendering through your ship's geometry
Made some tweaks to prevent certain landing pads from being visible when using the vanity camera when docked in a hangar on a planet
Fixed an issue that could lead to other Commanders floating around the screen when inspecting a fighter or SRV
Fixed an issue with planet surface textures jittering
Improvements made to station LOD (level of detail) when in a Wing
macOS: Fixed an issue with gas giants not rendering correctly
Fixed an issue whereby ship shadows were missing when first arriving at a planet's surface
Fixed hologram scaling issue when targeting a torpedo


Fix a cause of stored ships shown on the galaxy map, but were inaccessible from the shipyard
Fix a transaction server error when transferring stolen cargo between SRVs and Ships
Fix displaying the wrong language labels for Community Goal reward tiers
Fix displaying the wrong language in multi-crew session reports
Fix some incorrect faction superpower allegiance and government types used for the galaxy map, system map, commodities and outfitting services
Stop displaying 'main menu' as a last location in top bounty local news reports
Fix a transaction server error when passengers leave ship cabins
Fix a transaction server error in outfitting
Various reliability and performance improvements
Fixed the selling of stolen salvage commodities at blackmarkets
Stopped mission cargo from being sellable at the market it was given at
Fixed some friends incorrectly appearing offline
Fixed certain synthesis boosts lasting too long

General Ship Fixes and Improvements

Fixed an issue where players could not switch ships if they had drones in their ship's hold
Adjustments made to the Corrosive 1 Paint Job so it works better with non-Raider Ship Kits
Fix for Shield Cell Banks having no audio or visual effects when deployed
Fixed an issue with accented characters in ship names not displaying correctly


Fixed error that could occur when attempting to change the Anaconda's livery when an Engineer's modified shield generator is equipped
Fixed a LOD issue with Anaconda Paintjobs
Tidied up some textures

Asp Explorer

Fixed a naming inconsistency with the Corroded Livery


Fixed some LOD issues

Diamondback Explorer

Fixed some lighting issues


Fixed some texture issues with the Excursion Paint Job
Flipped some text on the cockpit fire extinguisher
The Dolphin now casts a shadow correctly when in the hanger
Fixed a texture error that occured when the Dolphin's shields were hit when viewed from another ship


Fixed some texture issues

F63 Condor

Adjusted lighting in the livery screen

Federal Corvette

Made adjustments so that the bumper Ship Kit works better with Paintjobs
Fixed some clipping that could occur with a Class 1 Cannon in the small size 1 hardpoint
The 3rd chair in the Federal Corvette is no longer manufactured by DeLacy and has been replaced with the appropriate Core Dynamics model

Federal Dropship

Patched a hole in the geometry
Adjusted the nameplate camera for the Federal Dropship when using VR

Imperial Courier

Made adjustments to the decals to prevent clipping
Adjusted decal 1's camera angle to prevent clipping when using VR

Imperial Eagle

Removed some stray geometry that was in the cargobay area
Fixed some stretched textures that could be seen when your canopy ices up
Minor texture and geometry fixes


Rescaled the front decal so it does not cover recessed geometry

Lakon Type 6

Added new hanger cameras for the Lakon Type 6 for the rear Ship Kits and the wings

Lakon Type 7

Fixed a LOD shadowing issue on the top of the Lakon Type 7
Fixed some missing cockpit textures when viewed using the Vanity Camera

Lakon Type 9

Added lights to the wings of the Lakon Type 9 so that nameplates can be seen


Corrected several vanity camera orientations


Fixed the smoothing groups on the sidewinder cockpit glass to improve LOD visuals when panning at close range

Viper MkIII

Fixed some clipping that could occur when equipping a spoiler Ship Kit
Fixed a text decal on the rear of the Viper which was cutting through the hull geometry

Viper MkIV

Changed the hanger cameras with rear facing cameras for the spoiler and tail Ship Kits


Patched up a small hole in the Vulture cockpit
Fixed an issue with the Vulture's co-pilot console


Fixed a text overlay issue with the Surface and System map buttons in the Navigation Panel when driving an SRV
Fixed an issue that caused the mouse direction cursor to not appear when driving an SRV

Stability Fixes

Fixed a crash that could occur when a nearby NPC ship was docking in a station
Fixed a crash that could occur when saving and exiting back to the main menu
Fixed a crash that could occur when reviewing Multicannon hardpoints in Outfitting
Fixed a memory crash that could occur in various situations while playing
Fixed a crash that could occur when entering an Unidentified Signal Source
Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping in to a Civilian Installation
Added a cool mystery thing...
Fixed a crash that could occur when entering Supercruise
Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to delete an inbox message
Fixed a crash that could occur when loading in to an SRV
Fixed a crash that could occur when visiting Jaques Station in Colonia
Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the Planetary Map view
Fixed a crash that could occur when scanning another Commander's ship while in your SRV
Fixed a crash that could occur when firing weapons that apply the camera shake effect at targets that cannot be shaken
Fixed an issue where swapping to an newly docked fighter would disconnect you from the server
Fixed a crash that could occur when destroying a Goliath Skimmer
Fixed a crash that could occur when following a wake scan
Fixed a disconnect issue that could occur when deploying a Fighter when in Multi-crew
Fixed a disconnection that could occur when loading into the game for the first time
Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using the mouse to move the camera when in the cockpit
Implemented measures to help prevent crashes that could occur when quickly deleting inbox messages
Fixed a crash that could occur when joining or leaving a Multi-crew session
Fixed a crash that could occur when using the System Map
Fixed a crash that could occur when using Synthesis
Added another cool mystery thing.....

Station Services

It is no longer possible to sell stolen items that you received as part of a mission on that station's black market

Stations and Outposts

Outpost weapons platform has been completely updated with new art
All Outposts have had an art pass to fix minor issues and improve visuals
Outpost schematic rendering is now fixed to show all the extra modules, not just the core outpost
Modular Stations have had an art pass to fix minor issues and improve visuals in some areas
Various station schematic models have been updated to improve quality and fix orientation issues
Physics mesh optimisation in the newer station interiors to improve framerate
Various updates to station interiors to fix minor art issues and improve LODs


Renamed Eol Procul Centauri 1 to Hutton Moon


Fixed an issue where the fuel scooping UI element would overlap with the jump charging element
Fixed an issue that could cause your inbox to become garbled when deleting messages
Fixed an issue where gunsights were not rendering correctly
Fixed some icons that were missing in the Multi-crew role switch panel
Fixed an issue where the Multi-crew session report could overlay incorrectly and not be closed when opened in the Gunner Cam mode
The Insurance screen will now show the last ship you were flying by default
Livery items you own will now be indicated with a tick
Removed an invisible button to nowhere from the Station Services menu
Corrected the Commander portraits appearing at a lower resolution in the Station menu
We have made some cosmetic improvements to the layout of the Insurance screen
Fixed an issue where a Wingman's target marker could disappear when they target a subsystem
Fixed an issue whereby the 'Buy Game Extras' button would not work correctly when using a mouse
Made some changes to better accommodate text and prevent it from being cut off when playing the game in Russian
Fixed an issue where faction text was overlapping Engineer details while docked at an Engineer base
Scanning indicator now appears correctly in the Contacts panel when scanning a Commander
Powerplay inbox messages will now show the name of the power that you are aligned with as the sender
Fixed an i$$ue where Commander name$ that contained '$' were not di$playing correctly
Fixed an issue whereby other players were not displayed as hollow squares on the scanner
Players that have you on their sensors are now informed when you enable or disable "Report Crimes Against Me". Additionally, enabling crime reports now has a 15 second delay before actually becoming active (there is currently no delay when disabling crime reports)
Made some changed to ensure the Navigation Panel UI stays in sync with the backend code
Fixed some ship names that were incorrect on the 'Sell Ships on Rebuy' screen
Fixed an issue that caused various elements of the UI displaying the currently selected destination to be out of sync, and allow surface destinations to be selected from the SRV
Fixed a small dot that appeared next to the throttle pin on several ships
Re-aligned the cargo scoop UI
Fixed an issue whereby selecting to transfer a module from the list of stored modules displayed an incorrect list of viable slots
Fixed an issue where the title of an inbox message would not fade out when the message had been read
Improvements made to the Outfitting Livery UI, so it no longer resets to the top of the list when moving between slots
Fixed some cut-off text on the 'Your Stored Ships' button within the Insurance Screen
Fixed some cut-off text on the Taipan Fighter's role information screen
Fixed an issue whereby the voice comms request icon temporarily appeared on the incorrect user in a player's friends list
Fixed some text that was cut-off in the Holo-Me UI when playing the game in some languages
Made some adjustments to prevent issues that could occur after Alt-Tabbing when in the Holo-Me UI
Fixed some overlapping that could occur in the inbox message titles
Fixed an issue where the no indication that a jet cone boost is due when using this option to plot a route appeared on the HUD


We have made some adjustments to mouse behaviour when viewing the Holo-Me menu in VR so that it matches other UI screens
We have disabled the bloom effect when using the VR graphical presets by default, as it could be a bit hard on the eyes
Fixed a tiling issue that occurred when taking high resolution screenshots when using VR
Adjusted a variety of outfitting cameras across a range of ships to work better when using VR
Fixed an issue whereby the HUD target reticle was displayed inside your cockpit in one eye when using VR


We have made some improvements to the animations on railguns
If you're still reading this we're definitely not telling you about the mysterious things, you'll have to wait and find out...


Well, a token of brutal honesty here. I think the last update finalises the “Horizon’s” season.

aside from planetary landings, the others have been somewhat subpar. I was hoping we would be moving to more intricate gameplay.


I ca naunderstand your point but I think the Alien invasion does represent the beginning of a gamplay complication…
As they put it, but only time will tell, the Thargoids are not simply going to suddently be there- it’s going to be a proper invasion.

New materials, new modifications and, allegedly, new gameplay…


Bloody. Hell.



Ooh, 6.6 GB Elite update just arrived. I can smell the Chitin from here! Looking forward to checking it out.


So now 2.4 is out, what to do?

I guess head out to Pleiades Nebula and see what’s up? Anyone heading there? I have a nice AspX with a big jump range and engineering mods that could get there in a hurry, but thinking they probably want people with lots of weapons. Hmm, I guess the new ‘Anti Thargoid’ weapons is the new thing?


A good ‘What is in the Season 2’ summary, from a newsletter:


I’m maybe half a Netflix Season from the Bubble. I’ll go risk getting blown up with you, but I’d rather switch back to my Clipper and upgrade her a bit first. How long does it take to get the Engineer stuff done?


I only did the engineering for FSD drive, and that took about 4 hours one evening going back and forth scanning stuff. It wasn’t a lot of fun, and the ‘slots machine’ mechanic sort of turned me off it a bit. I can get about 55ly per jump or so, so it was probably worth it but I’m not keen to do weapons etc that way.

#173 just released:


The new comms UI is a complete mess


What changed?


They have changed the layout slightly - of the messages you get pertaining to rep, scan missions etc. There’s a new system for looking at them and deleting them - but the worst thing is that it’s just all squashed together and with text on top of other text and doubled etc.

Might be just in VR.

Whatever, it really need fixing. Don’t know why they changed it in the first place, it was fine already.


Hmmm, I didn’t notice last night, but I haven’t exactly had a plethora of messages in my inbox as of late anyway, shoot obvious reasons.


Here’s an example - it’s only one bad line here - but often it affects every entry:



Odd… never happened to me, since the update.
I might have overlooked that…

I’ll report.


It might be when the entries get updated - I’ll keep an eye on it.