Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Yeah could try and have a get together! Sounds good. What ships you have Kom and TM?


I’ll be starting the update as soon as I get home this evening. I still play a good bit, and I’m planning on trying out a bit of mining between prepping a ship for Distant Worlds 2.


To all who it may concern, I’ll see if I can start a Squadron named after our original dream “The Professionals” - 'cause we are all but. :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon I did I will report here and then we can arrange our roles and whatnot.
What would each one of you prefer?


I want in!


No worries, I just got home and am updating as we speak- I participated in the beta so I have no idea how much extra data I’ll have to download… we will see.

As I said, I’ll repost as soon as I can.


at the moment i am flying a imperial cutter … but looking to get a krait and mod it a bit


All of them. I’m sort of a collector. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where are y’all flying out of? I’m in the process of moving all my ships back to Jamison Memorial.

Also @schurem, do you have a profile on Inara?



Whoa the update is live!?




I’m around Shinrarta, but I can be anywhere in the bubble in like 10 minutes.


I’m starting the update now, what time y’all think your gonna be meeting up?


Is it playable yet? I got booted all the time just an hour ago or so.

this is me:

edit: nope, not even logging in :frowning:


Tried restarting your Steam client?

edit: https://twitter.com/Frontier_Help/status/1072555643880566784


standalone, i dont count on playing seriously tonight, that thing keeps throwing connection errors :confused:


Maybe 8ish EST? Want to pick up a Phantom and maybe a Mamba, but we’ll see how connections go.


I’m trying about now…


Anyone who’d like to play together please ask admission to private group of " Benjamin K. Master " which is my commander.


Actually servers seems hammered, tough to get in at all…


I’m giving up on it for tonight.