Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Understandable, I’m myself just in…


Also @komemiute, according to Inara there’s an existing Mudspike squadron? Is that already in game?


Inara is not directly updated from the game- disregard.
There’s a powerful search engine in game.

I just created my Squadron and it’s “The Professionals”.
I leave Mudspike squadron to a proper owner of the Mudspike lore.


Can you be part of more then one squadron?


Nope but you can change for free. Only if you’re the creator you have some trouble in that you have to handle the reins of your squadro to someone else or lose the 10M creation fee.


I’m on now.


Ditto - just got on. Don’t see you though…


Jeez! How the other half live! lol I’m hauling toxic waste in a rusty Keelback! Haven’t played hardly any over the years though.


Blimey! Lol you lot are rich!


Nah, I just solidified my cash into Ships. :stuck_out_tongue:
And after checking I jus thave like 20… the most expensive are not there.


Just the 20…! Lol


yep … but its not all roses… just imagine the smell of the 750t of biowaste i just delivered to an agricultureal planet . :slight_smile:


Here you go :grin:


Have you seen there’s a new COVAS voice and it sounds like Holly from Red Dwarf (the first male Holly lol)? https://www.frontierstore.net/game-extras/elite-dangerous-game-extras/cockpit-voice-assistant-leo.html


Ugh, New Mining is hard. It seems to be better suited you smaller, more maneuverable ships now, so back to the drawing board there. Maybe I’ll give it a shot with my Asp after all.

@Andrew116, sorry I had to hop off so suddenly there- try again soon?


I think it’s brilliant- because a fast nimble ship with the right tools will tear apart the asteroid and the slow lumbering T9 or whatever will simply launch Limpet after Limpetand collect all the stuff.
As long as the two players are in a wing the yield is shared.


What would I need to start mining now? Mining laser I presume still? What else?..


Well… it’s pretty long to explain…
In few words- the mining laser just allow you to extract some stuff from the 'roids.

Now you need a specific scanner to see the composition and richness of the thing- after that you can see there’s three types of deposits… surface, inner and deep ones.

For the first type you need a kind of laser sandblaster- more or less works like the original mining laser but instead of a beam it’s more akin to a shotgun blast.

The inner deposit are just below the 'roid surface and for that you need mining missiles.
You aim at one of those deposits and then press AND HOLD the button until the missile (hopefully) hits the mark.
You can only release the fire button once the missile reaches a vein- and you know if and when it does because a simple screen appears with a diagram.
When the cursor (so to speak) reaches blue bars- you release the fire button and the missile explodes releasing all the juicy bits outside the stone layer it was drilling in.

The last method is the most glamorous and it only works on the biggest 'roids.
You have to launch a series of drilling charges deep into the asteroid and then trigger an explosion the literally tears it in two or thee huge chucks.

You will find the the inside of these chunks are filled with the first two types of deposit for you to collect.

Also … Limpets all the way.
Also the Refinery page has been nicely streamlined.


Starts here… https://youtu.be/2lsah4HX4LQ?t=2158

Shows you one way to find the rich spots in an asteroid ring.


Definitely, I tried mining without reading anything about it and that didn’t go well so I went to bed lol