Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Brilliant, thanks for that, I’ll have a look at that video :slight_smile:


Cheers mate. :slight_smile:


What he’s not mentioned about this is that the asteroid is spinning and moving the whole time, so you have to bob and weave with your ship to get to the entry targets for the mining missile thing (haven’t found an asteroid big enough to be explodable yet), so lots of firing of translation thrusters and reversing to keep your target in the sights. So smaller ship is likely to be better than it used to be for mining.

And fire groups. So very, very many fire groups required now.


Technically two are enough.


Whoa… https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/a5hf4o/why_you_should_try_blasting_asteroids_in_33/


And Monazite is still not the most valuable Core deposits out there. I’ve mined some that were over $300k per ton, went home with around 32 tons of the stuff in beta. Good for about $10 million credits.


Just out…


I raced out into the black in my good old Asp Explorer. I love the new FSS gameplay. I have it’s controls dual-mapped to both HOTAS and mouse. Even probing is fun. Looking forward to getting my first “Elite” rating, in exploration even!


I logged in for a few hours earlier today to mess around with the new exploration tools. I didn’t even leave the system I was in - the first landable planet I surface scanned turned up some fumeroles which I went down to investigate. I had so much fun mining for materials I ran out of time to do anything else.

The new planet textures are awesome! I actually flew into the ground on my first landing as the perception of height is radically different. It also seemed to be more difficult to find a good landing spot than before as the ground is substantially less flat.

Overall, first impressions of the new patch were excellent. Good job, Frontier! :+1:

PS: I’m on PS4 so couldn’t try the beta


Now that I’ve transferrred all my ships and modules, I need to hurry back to port and build out my new exploration ship. Then I’m thinking I’ll try a trial run out and back quick to map some of my first discoveries.


I still want an elite combat rating, and I read having an NPC crewmember shows that way down, so I sold the Krait and rebought the Python to work on that. It’s what I’ll be doing once I get back from my little exploration trip. But for now, I want to find some stuff first. Mapped a couple water worlds, but I aint coming back until I find and map a new earthlike.


I wasn’t aware of that- does that scale with your fighter pilot’s skill level? Also, I’ve been using the “go kill lots of Thargoid scouts” method to build rank there.


Having read through a very confused and shouty Reddit thread, it seems that if you have a SLF then the combat xp for each kill is split according to combat rank. Same as if in a wing. So if the NPC pilot is high ranked then the CMDR gets a larger share.


Hopping on for a little bit, gonna try and figure out mining again.


Still have half a dozen stops to make to finish engineering, and I’m still tweaking loadouts in preparation for Distant Worlds 2, but this is what I have so far. I think I can squeeze another light year or two out of her.


Oh! And I finally got to blow up a rock while Mining!


The coolest (heh) thing is blowing up an ice asteroid. The resulting cloud of ice particles brings the temperature of the ship to an absolute 0.

You can go silent mode in there and not overheat for quite some time.
I think it could be weaponised or misused in a couple of funny ways. :speak_no_evil:


Popping the asteroids looks great. I watched the video you linked Kom and looks very much more like a simulator now :smiley: obviously not DCS levels but it’s made it all the more interesting. Using the FSS looks complicated too and I’ll need to sit down with that too.


In case you’re interested… just like that last video about Mining, there’s one for exploration.


My Krait was out around Sothis and that was gonna cost 3 mil to ship back so I decided to go out and get it. On the way I honked and scanned every system I came across… how ever I didn’t map most of them. That may have been a mistake. I find the mapping process rather tedious. I did however make a decent penny once I got to my destination by selling my data, more then enough to justify the trip. At any rate the Krait is half way back and I hope to make a nice mining/ light exploration build out of it.