Elite: Dangerous - updates!


I’m still figuring it out, but when I stopped off in Maia to see Professor Palin, I honked and scanned there, just to get some practice. I think once I’ve figured out the different energy levels for different celestial object types, it’ll get faster to do. I did definitely seem to make more money from the effort I put in though.


Horizons is 76 percent off at the moment on steam in the UK (not sure about other areas) 4.99 down from 19.99 seems like a good deal to me…


Ok so I don’t get what to do in mining, even the basics lol. I bought 2 mining lasers, an abrasion blaster, the blasting missiles and surface scanner. Oh and limpets and a refinery. I found a ring around a planet and went there, fired off probes and found hotspots and flew down to one. But once there I have no idea how to do that pulse scan thing in the video so had to just fired my mining lasers at the nearest asteroid and set a limpet off to recover the pieces. It brought them back and filled up the 3 spaces in the refinery and when found something else it went into the top part named ‘hopper’? I just vented those as the limpet wouldn’t continue until I did. I get them semi full and decided to see if I could sell it. Got to the station and nothing appears to sell in the commodity section… It’s still in the refinery so I pressed the up arrow next to each one and I think I jettisoned them? Lol

So, firstly how do I do that pulse scan to see which asteroid is best to target? And secondly, what do I do with the refinery and how to sell? I had my cargo hold full of limpets by the way… Should I?


The refinery has a hopper and sorts the stuff in there into bins. The bigger the refinery, the more bins it has. It sorts bits of ore into those bins until either its hopper is full with stuff that has no bin or a bin is full. Once a bin is full, it packages up into one (1) unit of what was in the bin. You can sell that.

So you have bits of gold, silver and crap coming off a rock. You have two bins, so you let it sort for silver and gold. Now once the hopper is full of crap, you need to vent that. Once enough bits of gold have been picked up, the bin empties into your cargohold giving you one unit of gold to sell.

It’s a lot of busywork for very marginal winnings. I’ve been told the new materials are worth enough to make it worthwhile. YMMV


Thanks. I certainly wasn’t getting gold and silver lol as I think I was in an ice belt. So have some minerals and LOTS of water lol. I had 3 bins and none were full so that’s why I couldn’t get to sell anything? Does that up arrow next to the bin jettison the contents?

Do you know how I can pulse scan the asteroids? I’m guessing I need some more hardware?


I am not up to speed on “new” mining.

Yeah you can eject the contents of a bin if theres crap in it. Make sure there’s stuff in there actually worth refining.


Is there a list of what’s worth keeping and what’s crap?


A good sum up of how to effectively explore…


Ah, I need one of these - Pulse Wave Scanner/Analyzer! Off to INARA :blush:


Note to self… when modifying a ship for mining look at power requirements for equipment… I may have just found myself floating, on backup life support frantically shutting down systems that i didnt need at that time… all when i had just found a platinum hotspot …:grin:… off to buy a 7a reactor now


what is the base system for the “professionals” so I can head towards it


Shinrarta Dezra

Tonight I’ll be all over it.


if its shiny keep it… :grin:


Roger that o7 lol


is that spelling right … cant seem to find it… found it… shinrarta dezhra


Well this is neat, thought I’d play a bit today… NOPE. Can’t even launch the game. Nice to see that after some searching, this is an issue that’s existed for 2+ years with no fixes that I can tell. I’m going to resinstall to see if that helps but either way I just blew through all the time I had available today.

Edit - Appears to have been due to running in “Full Screen” mode instead of “Borderless.” Looks to be working now but what a waste of time.


Found one :smiley: I’m on my way back to the bubble for pewpew and a refit.


just had a quick go at the new mining … and have a question … if you are mining in a wing would it be possible to take two mining ships and a bigass hauler …that way the miners can just keep mining while the hauler does all the collecting, then if they are in a wing the group splits the profits … would this work …


I think if you’re winged up, that’s how profits are split. I’ve wondered about that- two smallish ships doing the prospecting and mining, a larger ship doing the collecting/ refining and providing overwatch.


Had a couple minutes to mess around. One of the downsides to the new update is I’m a bit outside the bubble, with the new scanning mechanics I’ve gotta go back and get a DSS to do much more exploring.