Elite: Dangerous - updates!


If you have an engineered DSS, fit that to your exploration ship. You get the expanded range benefit of the new engineered DSS without the mass penalty, it seems.


I got back home and sold three nights’ worth of exploration including one (1!) earth like. Got me about 45 million spacebucks. I now have only one rank promotion to go in both combat and exploration!


I did a quick hop out and back, about a total of 1200 light years, and earned a little over 5 million for the effort. It appears that mapping will generate a crazy number of credits, especially for first mapping jobs.

I’m wondering what this will do to the Road to Riches, and how long it’ll be before the familiar grumpy old guys on the forums start loudly complaining about it being too easy to earn money again.


And so ED goes back in the box… I just cannot make any money no matter what I try! The mining is only for the rich it seems as can’t afford a seismic charge launcher so have to plink away with a mining laser and only made 12k Cr after 40 minutes and then had to replace consumables costing me over 6k!!

Can’t trade because I have no idea what prices things will be and if I use a guide the prices have changed by the time I get there.

Can’t do combat because I don’t have the money to survive longer than 30 seconds before I get obliterated.

I was doing the data transfer missions for about 30k but they seem to have gone now and are all combat ones…

So not sure what to do and this is what happens every time I try ED again, just nothing works for me. :unamused:


Dude- don’t worrry.

Tonight we wing up and we’ll have a blast… ehrrr… so to speak. Ok?


Aww man. Don’t give up. Its just the threshold you need to get across. You in a Sidewinder? You might want to try rares trading. Rares are low-volume trade goods that bring about 600% profits if you lug them over 150 light years from where you bought 'em.


Another thing you could try to make a bit is to sit around in a place where AI is fighting themselves such as a nav beacon or resource extraction zone. Now wait until some thing is getting stomped on by the police. Scan it to make sure its wanted. Then get a few shots in before it blows. With some luck you get the bounty.


This is definitely a good way to get some cash. Another option is to wing up with others who have larger ships than you and go into a high rez zone where the larger ships in your wing can pick fights with the “wanteds” and then you just sneak a few shots in after scanning them.


I can’t tonight, I don’t get in from work until 7pm and then bed at 10 as I’m up at 6 to start all over again lol. I’m off next week though for Christmas so maybe can then? :blush:


I was in a keelback but now back to a cobra because I was going to do what you’ve suggested as I did at the start but wanted to try something a bit more meaningful buy I guess it’ll do for now to get the creds :blush:


YESSS! Next week I’m off too!
Feel like joining “The Professionals” squadron?


@mace & @komemuite … room for a third player ?


Of course! We’re like the holy trinity of “Professionalism”!
Remember the Emergency Jettison while lined up for take off?


with elite it would be more like boosting inside a station…thats always an interesting moment, trying to stop before slamming into the far wall


Been there… Done that…


Do a 180. Your rear thrusters are far more powerful than your retro-rockets. If you boost while in the slot, flip it and boost and pray. Do it all very quickly too!


great in theory … but in an imperial cutter the turning 180 can be an issue, as well as the panic of the rebuy cost flashing through your mind as the far wall approches :grin:



do like the new krait … seems to be like a bigger version of the cobra … nice all round performance


Oh god lol I can still hear the boom from that lmao


Cool! The 3 musketeers back together again lol

I had almost wiped my save game and started over! What system’s are you and @tempusmurphy in?