Elite: Dangerous - updates!


But worries- I’m going to come to you or we can meet halfway, no issues.


When are we meeting up? I’ll be around, and have been doing the mining thing as well.


As “The Professionals” are Europe based (brexit or no, I still consider my unlucky mates europeans! :smiley: ) it’d be more or less “our” late evening/night…


Another approach you could try (worked for me):
Find a system in Boom state with lots of cargo delivery missions - if you have a Cobra then you can easily carry 30-40 tonnes of cargo without compromising on other modules (more if you do compromise). Keep coming back to the same system to get new missions after completing those deliveries and your reputation will go up. Once you are at friendly / allied the missions pay out much more - you should be able to find 30 - 40 ton delivery missions for 200k - 400k each. After that just rinse and repeat until you can afford that shiny new ship you’re after :+1:

Edit: Also, I find that surface scanning missions can have good pay out, and you only need an SRV


The Galaxy map now shows prices for all Commodities at stations you’ve visited. It shows each system in green/blue indicating the best import/export profit, and you can even flip through each station in the system and see what the current price is at each.

In my experience it’s accurate enough to use for business!


Also, keep working for a faction grow your reputation with them and you end up with really well paid missions!

Like 3+ million for 40 tons cargo delivery (no combat involved)


Pictures coming after I offload tonight, but I’ve managed to make a bit of potential money from deep core mining- it only took me three hours and roughly 120 prospector limpets fired at glowing pulse wave scanned ice asteroids to find the 15 tons of Opal and 16 tons of Grandiderite I have right now in my hold (found, interestingly enough, in a Low Temp Diamond hotspot). There’s currently a gem rush a few systems over, but I’ve got a couple dozen limpets left, plenty of materials to synthesize more, and as we all know, I’m a glutton for punishment.

If I can figure out consistently how to find the good rocks, I’ll post a guide up later.


Nice haul! I spent around the same amount of time on Monday and collected about 20 tons of Osmium and Painite, and the rest of the hold full of assorted lower value stuff. Most of the Painite came from inside the only asteroid I found with fissures. I really like the new mining tools :grinning:


Word is getting out. Soon as I log in I’ll head to the station before the nerf hammer falls.


It may already have done so - the first patch uploaded to my PS4 this afternoon


Early word is prices haven’t been affected- yet. Hoping it’ll hold off for another 7 hours…


When you spot an asteroid with Fissures, fly in for a close visual inspection of the Fissure points. Toggle on/off Night Vision and Headlights to check what they look like under those visuals. Some asteroids, the Fissures are quite easy to see, once you learn what you’re looking for.

Helps save a good number of Limpets when I can eliminate an asteroid by visual inspection.


There’s a scanner that does that for you…


if you can get to the system that Komemiute has mentioned, there are some good paying missions there for the dark wheel faction… just done a nice 90 ton cargo run 15ly for a 1.9mil payout… a few of them adds up nicley :grin:


Uhmm actually…
Shinrarta D doesn’t allow just anyone*.
So, neighboring systems would be better…

Off the top if my head Bunda and Nuenets have some… interesting… trading goods.

In any case, @Mace I will load up rare stuff from Shinrarta D (some sort of Holy Water) and I can pass it to you… Ten jumps away they’ll net you some mean credits.

*Not kidding, it’s reserved for Elite ranked CMDRs or Original Backers. Still, no need to worry- the human bubble is literally chock full of earning opportunities.


Is that Elite accross the board or will a single Elite ranking (in trading for example) suffice?


is ok.


So, I’ve been spending a very good percentage of my free time with the new update, and as such I decided to configure a Diamondback Explorer for…exploration…and exploring the new exploration mechanics…to explore! And I made more money selling…exploration data…from exploring, per hour, than any other profession to date.


I’m really hoping to come back from Distant Worlds 2 and finally make billionaire status.


Yeah I’d checked that system and saw it was a locked one. I have Premium Beta (£100) but I guess they mean Kickstarter backer?
I’m in LHS 3447 at the moment I think, not sure how far away I am.