Elite: Dangerous - updates!

Possibly some sponsorship on the horizon?


HAHAHHA i wish, definitely the F-4 comes out first so… No chance.


Today I briefly considered wiping my two profiles and starting them from scratch. Problem is, I doubt I’d be motivated enough to get them back up to where they are now. At least not my main one, which is all Elite levels, more credits than I’ll ever need and a hangar with about a dozen fully modded ships in it.

I wondered if that matters at all - I mean, at some stage either this game will be simply discontinued as Frontier decide, or it will get to where I’m unable to play anyway - then all that stuff will count for zilch. So why not?

Still not decided - but I’ll leave it for now and probably do it in a spur of the moment lapse at some stage in the future.

edit: Ya know what? I just decided. If this game is still going in 2024, I’m going to reset both my profiles at New Year and start again. Why not?! :slight_smile: