Emoticons :)

It has been pointed out that our emoticons seem a bit emotionally unstable, in that the simple smile emoticon looks like it breaking out to a full belly laugh:

There are four default emoticon icon sets to choose from. Let’s put it to the vote for a week and see what people like the best:

Preview the sets:

Emoji One (default)




  • Emoji One
  • Apple’s
  • Google’s
  • Twitter’s

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As for the underlying :slight_smile: looking too happy. There is a fix for that (incredibly, I had no idea the world of emoticons was so rich and deep; and am now pretty sure this is a harbinger of civilization-level collapse etc) and we can introduce the new

:)  = :slighty_smiling: 

…soon. Which looks like this:

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Ooohhhh… that’s a hard decision.
My least favourite are the ones from google, where all emojis looks… obese?

I like the flags and animals from the Apple emojis.

But I like the simpler style for the normal emojis…

Arrrr… that’s hard. (not that I really use emojis, but now I have to choose…) You mindtrapped me.

I’ll go the non-corporate way and vote Emoji One. :smile:

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Also, it seems a lot of people that use this forum software really didn’t like the default smiley laughing too much.


After a lot of complaints they finally changed it:

When I’m not on a phone, I’ll update Mudspike forums and hopefully we’ll have a more demur giggler with a closed mouth.

I just updated the forum software (hence the downtime for a wee bit), and it looks like the new emoticons with normal smile is due to be included in the stable release at the end of March. I’ll update again then.

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LOL… Those Google ones…man, they look like little yellow poo with faces… I went with Apple, although the first (default) are fine too…

Thanks for the tweak… :beers:


Yeah, thanks!
Back in the days when there were only simple ones nobody cared much, but now that they are so high-res it just becomes a topic. :slight_smile:

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Theres should definitely be an old school option from the pre smart phone age…

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I think we can add custom ones - if you see a page of any you like then post a link here and we can add them. Let me try a couple…

Testing, 123…


I did this by adding a new one called ‘:oldskool_smile’, as in when I type:


it shows:


So, looks like it works. :oldskool_smile: Mouse hover over any emoticon to get the shortcut code to type. Or when writing a post, use the emoticon icon on the top right menu bar to show what are available - the custom ones should now be at the end.

We just need a suggested name and a graphic image and I’m happy to add if people like it. Perhaps an Intruder A6 emoticon? :intruder: ? (for style reasons it’s nice if these aren’t too big and break-up the flow of the text).

EDIT: Nearest I can get is this for an A6:



I used to use the WebSmileys site quite often but it has went down in the last year or two. They had the smileys broken down into 26 categories so there should be quite a few that can still be found at the Internet Archive that would be useable.

Web Smileys @ Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20140108095816/http://websmileys.com/


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Thanks @wheelsup_cavu I’ll take a look.

Actually, in honor of you being just one of the plain nicest and friendliest guys we’ve all known on this and other forums for the longest time now, I’d like to dedicate this one to you:





Lol, that’s pretty cool. Thanks. :smile:


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Alright, it’s been a week and the winner by vote is the defaults Emoji. I’ve set them as the default.


:grin: :grinning: :grin: :smile: :two_hearts: :four_leaf_clover: :eyeglasses: :wheels_smiley: :sheep:

Sounds good…! :golf: :clap: (golf clap)