Epic games store - opinions?

For the second time now, a major title that I am interested in has been removed from Steam because of an exclusive deal the publisher has made with the Epic store. Personally, I would prefer to keep all my games in one place, but I guess it really is just a minor inconvenience. Have any of you purchased from Epic? The titles I am interested in are Metro Exodus and Anno 1800.

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I haven’t yet but we’re getting to the point where you don’t have a choice, sadly.

I marked it down as minor inconvenience and bought it on ubisofts own store, uplay. The points you gain from playing other ubi games such as far cry or assassins creed give a bit of a discount.

Anno 1800 is really &$(#93ing pretty! Also very very chillaceous. It does not push back at all, just happy building. A Bob Ross game.

I got the free copy of Subnautica on the epic store. I dont mind really. It was very convenient when everything was steam but eh. I dont mind DCS and Il-2 being their own store, so why would I mind ten more stores lol. There’s origin, uplay, epic, what else? Oculus? hah!

The only problem I have with Epic Games Store is their security is really, really, really bad. In this day and age, it’s ridiculous that they can’t get a secure system in place for that.


Thanks for the input guys. I do already have a Uplay account, and and Oculus account too. I’m guessing I can also create a steam shortcut if I want to as well.

I’m going to play through the first two Metro games to see if I get hooked (Exodus looks amazing graphically). I have had the first two sat on my Steam account for some time now but never got around to installing them.

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I really recommend Metro Exodus Paul, especially on a nice graphics card. It’s a really solid single player shooter with a decent enough plot. I got gift’d it on Epic and played around 5 hours or so but not finished it. I played the previous ones, but you don’t really have to to start Exodus. For good reasons the previous ones are more ‘tunnel shooters’ and jump scare / scarcity based, while Exodus is more like the Far Cry sort of deal with a bigger open world. The lore and worldbuilding are all good and very ‘Russian’.

The Epic store I use just to collect the free games each month or so, I think I have them all. I’ve got used to Origin / Uplay / Steam, so a fourth is not ideal but ok.

@schurem I’m curious about Anno 1800, as heard good things, do an AAR or a few screenshots and your thoughts. :mudspike:

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wilco, I’ll do some tomorrow evening.

Allright, screens to be found in their own thread.

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So annoying looked cool … But I checked out some streams and everyone is just building squares and rectangles of stuff… Every village is just a huge rectangular mess of buildings… Seems kinda boring?

Tropico 6 is out :slightly_smiling_face:

I had previously had the launcher installed for messing around with the UE4 engine but never played a game through it till recently when i had to check out Satisfactory. Their store front is fine for now, but if they keep it that way for much longer it’s going to be just as much of a pain to find what you want as trying to buy something from Nintendo online.

Client works fine enough, although I recommend starting it up instead of of launching a game directly from a desktop shortcut, it took forever that way, far longer than opening the launcher first, then launching the game from inside.

Personally I think they can get stuffed for starting a console war where no consoles exist, but i’ll temper those comments slightly as I occasionally do peruse their openings looking for work :joy:

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Thanks for the info on Exodus. I think I will have to pick that one up sometime soon then. I purchased Anno 1800 this evening through the UPlay store. Kind of a stupid thing to d really as I won’t get to play it for almost a week. Oh well, it will be there waiting when I get home.

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I will be honest and admit I still go by the old adage “Competition is best for customer”.
When there’s monopoly there’s malpractice.

Yeah, we will need one more launcher (I have it already) but honestly it’s such a little inconvenience (at least for me) that I only really see the upsides.

Admittedly, I’m the optimist kind of guy.

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I don’t think I’ve ever started a game from the shortcut in years now. I either start Steam/Origin/Uplay first, then run the game, or I have some 3rd party utility (Skate’s DCS tool, Il-2 46’s tool, etc) that I start before the game.

I’m so used to 2 steps to run a game I don’t know if I could get used to the old way again…including shoving that stupid disc in the drive for a 30+ second spinning exercise to make it start!

I have the Epic store because of Metro 3 and I will use it again for Borderlands 3 in the fall, but I’m not sure it will ever even rival Steam let alone supplant it. Just like while I could buy games on Origin or Uplay from other publishers, there’s no way I would bother. If a game I want is exclusively there I won’t shun it, but unless it’s much cheaper on Epic’s I’ll probably stick with Steam if it’s there.

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So, I took the plunge and purchased Metro Exodus, in part because of your recommendation @fearlessfrog . All I can say is WOW! The lighting and graphics are absolutely superb. I have it cranked up to the highest settings and it is still silky smooth.


I forgot to mention that I purchased through the Humble store. You then just download and activate with Epic.

Right now, the security at the Epic store is not sufficient.

I finished the game today. One of the better FPS games I have played in a long time. Great story, beautiful visuals etc etc. Definitely recommended.

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