EPOCH Alaska Diary

EPOCH Alaska Diary

By @BeachAV8R - July 28, 2015

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Come along on a journey of self discovery as I head to the wilds of Alaska to try my hand at one of the most classic of aviation jobs – Alaskan bush pilot!


While browsing around for some fun stuff to do in X-Plane, I came across the very cool looking Ultimate Glacier Pilot package ($9.95) which adds a bunch of scenery and challenging bush strips to the Alaskan backcountry. That purchase led me to discover the author’s website and virtual airline – Epoch Alaska Air – a fun group of virtual bush pilots that love to explore the Alaskan and Yukon wilderness. With missions, challenges, scheduled flights, and a bunch of other interesting outings, this looks like something I’d enjoy taking a crack at.

The absolutely gorgeous Shade Tree Micro Aviation Aviat A-1A Husky on and over the glaciers of Ultimate Glacier Pilot.

So I invite you to come along as I post in my online journal about the journey north and what adventures I encounter flying in this wild landscape. It all starts with getting to Alaska: a multi-leg hop across the continent starting in Asheville, NC (KAVL) where I climb aboard Danklaue’s beautiful Embraer ERJ 140 ($9.95 on sale!) for the short flight to Memphis (KMEM). Once there, I hop the unbelievable VMAX Boeing 757 Professional Extended FedEx 757 to Anchorage where the story will continue.


You can read about the first three legs of the journey in our AAR forum. Feel free to participate, comment, and make suggestions. I’m currently trying to decide on bear spray or a .44 Magnum. According to what I’ve read, if I choose the .44, I’d better file off the front sight. Click on the graphics below to take you to the AARs!





I hope you enjoy the adventure! And many kind thanks to my new friends at EPOCH Alaska Air for the assistance in getting up and running! Hopefully I don’t bend too much of their metal..!

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth

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